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Sar Kheng encourages complaints to his FB if ignored by police

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Minister of Interior Sar Kheng presides over a visit to distribute rice seeds and other gifts to people in need after the flood in Prey Veng province. Facebook

Minister of Interior Sar Kheng yesterday announced that people could file a complaint to his Facebook page directly if any police station ignores them and does not pay attention.

Speaking while providing donations to flood victims in Prey Veng province, Kheng appealed to parents to prevent their children from taking illegal drugs and report any problem to the local police. If they don’t pay attention, parents can message his Facebook page because he has a working-group to watch for people’s complaints.

“Now it is very easy to report if a police station or local authority is not interested or does not take action. We have a Facebook network with a lot of social information, and I also have a Facebook page. Please follow it as it is very fast,” he said.

On August 16, 2019, Kheng assigned a working group to monitor the Facebook page of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Interior Ministry’s social and digital network.

The group, comprised of various skilled officials, is tasked with monitoring the Prime Minister’s, the Ministry of Interior’s and Kheng’s Facebook pages by keeping an eye on users who make undesirable comments online or post fake news which could affect security and public order.

The group is also tasked with disseminating information and responds to comments made by the public in relation to the Interior Ministry’s jurisdiction in a timely manner.

Kheng said that he has officials that collect information on his own Facebook page without discrimination and he has assigned officials to determine whether information is true or false.

He said that to file a complaint via Facebook is not wrong. The people have the right to do so if the police or local authority refuse a complaint or ignore it.

“This is a good way to be effective and find solutions for people. Leaders must gather information from all angles to easily lead the country, especially to help solve any difficulties the people may face,” Kheng said.

In January, Kheng reiterated his order for all police officers to strengthen their professionalism, serve the public without discrimination and avoid practising nepotism.

Kheng said all police officers must implement the law responsibly and with accountability, adding that those who violate the law should not be protected due to personal relationships.

Chhay Thi, chief of Pate commune in Ratanakiri province, said yesterday that his office always welcomes any complaint from the villagers. If people can’t write a complaint, his officials will help to facilitate it for them.

“My local area always welcomes people and their difficulties. We try our best to find solutions for the people, and we also help to write their complaint to the appropriate institution, if they can’t write. People here always examine information and comment on the government’s Facebook page about their problems,” he said.

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