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Hun Many kicks off fourth annual Clean Phnom Penh campaign

Tith Kongnov / Khmer Times Share:
Hun Many (centre front row) stands with co-founders and supporters of “Clean Phnom Penh 2020” at the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. KT/Tith Kongnov

Clean Phnom Penh co-founder Hun Many announced yesterday the new 2020 campaign slogan “clean as a new habit”.

Together with the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health, Clean Phnom Penh encourages people to implement principles of clean hygiene and COVID-19 prevention measures.

Many said the focus this year is to educate Cambodians to properly dispose of rubbish to improve the aesthetics of the city and promote good health.

The Clean School Environment competition provides opportunities for students in public and private schools to discuss their experiences and environmental awareness. It is based on the spirit of innovation and progress as a model citizen to achieve proper community hygiene and sanitation.

“We hope that the one-month Clean Phnom Penh campaign will spread the word and that each school across the country will continue to work together to keep the environment clean,” Many said. “We believe the campaign will change the perception and the attitude of littering and the impact of rubbish disposal in the future.”

Hay Phirum, co-founder of Clean Phnom Penh, said their efforts to help the campaign include exploring ways to educate about sanitation and bringing new ideas to promote its dissemination.

This year Clean Phnom Penh produced an educational video and romantic short film with the slogan “beauty as a new habit” broadcast on social media and made a challenge video on Tik Tok “I am beautiful”.

“This project is designed to bring people together to create a common discipline and contribute to the proper disposal of garbage to improve the image of our city to be beautiful and litter-free,” Phirum said.

Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment Sao Sopheap said that he was very excited and happy that the clean team was actively involved in protection of the environment.

He said that in recent years, the Ministry of Environment has set out four strategic policies and plans: environmental protection, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh Hout Hay said that making Phnom Penh beautiful, hygienic, and improving the environment by reducing pollution, garbage, waste and scattered plastic bags does not depend on local authorities or private companies alone.

“It requires the participation of the people. All stakeholders must participate together to maintain and store their waste properly,” he said.

“We see that the Clean Phnom Penh is a forum for public knowledge to not only connect general awareness of the environment through this campaign, but also to raise awareness of conservation, especially by researching solutions to protect storage of solid waste,” Hay said.

The Clean Phnom Penh campaign also receives cooperation from relevant ministries, government institutions, private companies, associations, non-governmental organisations, public and private educational institutions, and the public.

This year is the fourth annual Clean Phnom Penh campaign held in November, earning the nickname, “Clean Month”.

The Clean Phnom Penh campaign was created by six co-founders, including Hun Many, Tep Kolap, Chy Sela, Chea Sophalla, Hay Phirum and Heng Thida, who all initiated the project.

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