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Myanmar steps up anti-corruption activities

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YANGON (Xinhua) – Myanmar is stepping up anti-corruption activities with the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) planning to form the Corruption Prevention Units (CPU) in government departments in order to prevent corruption.

According to ACC chairman, U Aung Kyi, the commission will carry out three activities to prevent corruption – formation of CPUs, drawing up of codes of conduct and implementing corruption risk assessment.

Speaking at an anti-corruption declaration ceremony here on Monday, he said the corruption risk assessment is to scrutinise the government departments and private organisations.

By conducting these activities, it can prevent a monopoly in organisations, reduce individual power play and encourage accountability, Mr U Aung Kyi said, adding that the commission will provide detailed technicalities for all three process in preventing corruption and will continue to conduct investigation and take legal action.

Mr U Aung Kyi further revealed that the commission is also making research to conduct awareness activities related to public morality and to provide teaching subjects in primary education, introducing edutainment programmes so that there will be no breakdown in children’s morality with regard to corruption.

Teachers’ handout books will also be distributed and teaching methods in the form of stories, poetries, dramas and singing will be used, he said.

Noting that corruption, which is connected with poverty, can affect the business and administration sectors, he stressed the necessity to control corruption in the economic sector as the economy grow will decline when corruption is high and poverty increases with income disparity becoming high.

Claiming that the ACC has drawn up a strategic work plan for 2018 to fight corruption, he said the ACC received 4,516 complaint letters from across the country since the opening of its office on November 30 last year.

Myanmar’s ACC and the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) signed a joint declaration in Yangon on cooperation in fighting corruption on Monday.

The signing is aimed at developing the country’s economy and morality practice among private enterprises as well as curbing corruption.

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