Architecture to improve life

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An increasing number of properties are designed for a more luxurious lifestyle.

Architecture is the art and science of design that provide us the physical environment we live in. Many projects now are built with the high attention of architectural design which is primarily concerned with structures of the master plan and the interrelationship of the facilities that are necessary to build for life.

In the history of modern architecture, the architect aimed to improve the living environment of people. The renowned architects like Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Ernst May, tried to design the city and housing for people, connected with light, air and green.

During the era of New Khmer Architecture, Vann Molyvann tried to improve and modernise the life of Khmer people. Mr Molyvann respected traditional lifestyle but modernised it through new structural ideas, construction ideas, planning and facilities.

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Masaaki Iwamoto, Architect & Assistant Professor of Faculty of Design at Kyushu University, said that architecture can improve the lives of everyone. “Mr Molyvann’s projects such as ‘One Hundred Houses’ in Toul Kork and ‘Grey Building’, the apartment at Bassac riverfront, are the excellent examples of how architecture can improve life through design,” he stressed.

Mr Iwamoto, however, noted that there is no correct architectural model; it depends on the architects’ idea. “For me, rational and reasonable design to the context is very essential,” he said.

“In addition to this, structural safety, flexibility and adaptation to the climate and lifestyle will be always important for lives,” he added.

Currently, there are many residential development projects being launched and built across the country, particularly in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. The Seagate Suite is one of the mixed-use developments with the construction of 1,118 units across a 45 story complex in Sihanoukville.

Mr Ye Li, design director of The Seagate Suite, said: “We build to connect life to the nature with the luxurious lifestyle.”

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“The Seagate Suite is geographically situated in the ideal location where most of the buildings face fantastic view of the sea, island, and mountain and the stunning views of boom town of Sihanoukville,” he stressed.

More than home, at The Seagate Suite, it is purposely designed for luxurious lifestyle where residents can work, play, stay, eat and shop at one destination.

Similar to the Seagate, Bodaiju Residences, a mixed use residential project in Phnom Penh, occupies more than two hectares of land area and will have more 900 units across the six-14 story buildings. Cheng Sokha, deputy sales and marketing director of Creed Asia (Cambodia) cited that while a master plan is always the main core of all projects, an architectural design for sustainable mixed-use property will contribute a big value to the project. With regard to the detail and finish of the building, Ms Sokha believes that a good layout and high quality finishing always add value for design and a livable home.

Echoing Ms Sokha’s view, Hun Chansan, Director of Re-Edge Architecture & Design disclosed that good architecture and design would add value and improve the lifestyle of the people who reside in.

He believes that it adds values in term of outlook of the building as well as its performance to the human activities and the surrounding environment. Architecture and design can also create large or intimate spaces that all walks-of-life will experience. Thus it has the power to evoke a certain feeling or senses that make them comfort, happy, nostalgic, healthy, efficient, or even proud of it.

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