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‘Hubie Halloween’: best of Adam Sandler on Netflix

Taing Rinith / Khmer Times Share:
Adam Sandler playing Hubie Dubois, defending the town of Salem on Halloween. Netflix

Netflix’s Halloween month has started with something funny: Happy Madison’s Hubie Halloween. Like many other Adam Sandler projects, it is not a critics’ darling, but many people on social media are saying the film has saved 2020.

In this seasonal comedy, Adam Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, a Jewish deli worker living with his mother in Salem, Massachusetts. The townspeople yell, play pranks and even throw things at him for being eccentric and timid. However, Hubie is a devoted community volunteer who tries to make sure that every man, woman and child is safe on Halloween.

One day before this year’s Halloween, a convict escapes from the local mental institute and the news spreads around Salem. Hubie is monitoring the city for the holiday as he usually does and watches multiple people get kidnapped before his eyes. He tries to report it to the police but they pay no attention to him. Too good-hearted to give up, Hubie finds himself fully involved in the investigation, and connects the dots on the extra spooky day.

Adam Sandler promised to make the “worst movie ever after Uncut Gems, and he did quite well to acheive that. The plot is very thin and super lazy with simple sets and bad visual effects. Adam Sandler’s voice is kind of dull and he uses the same old dumb-hated-by-everyone theme which people have seen more than enough by now.

We all know that Sandler is probably the only guy in film right now who can make a bad story good, and he really deserves praise for making Hubie Halloween so amusing and entertaining. While he uses his same old arsenal, he makes the most out of it and brings the comedic role to another level.  The different ways he reacts to people throwing things at him, for example, make viewers curious about what comes next. The film also features many good jokes and slapstick moments, especially in the first 30 minutes. Kevin James as Sergeant Steve Downey, Hubie’s arch-rival, is probably the funniest character after Sandler in the film as he dishes out police jokes and physical comedy.

The cast is another powerful element of Hubie Halloween, probably the best ever in terms of Sandler’s films. In addition to Sandler’s brothers in arms and usual collaborators such as Kevin James, Rob Schneider, June Squibb and Maya Rudolph, the film has what we can describe as “super cameos”. It has Ben Stiller reprising his role as Hal L, a nurse at the asylum who previously appeared in Happy Gilmore, Shaquille O’Neal as DJ Aurora, a radio host with a feminine voice, Betsy Sodaro as his wife and Sandler’s wife Jackie plays Tracy Phillips, a local news reporter, while their children Sadie and Sunny play Danielle and Cooky, daughters of Hubie’s crush Violet. Even the screenwriter Tim Herlihy has a cameo as a wild bear.

The Netflix original brings a new taste of Halloween humour and could be even considered the greatest of Sandler’s projects on Netflix. Sorry, Sandman! This is not your “worst movie”.


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