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Yichang, Hubei Province: Celebrate the bumper year with oranges and tangerines

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WentanDuotian Farmer’s Painting is an intangible cultural heritage of Dongluo Village, Qianduo Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province. At present, over 100 villagers and tourists drew a huge painting together. Photo by Jia Donghai (Zhongjing Vision)

The yellow oranges and green tangerines ripen in autumn.

On the morning of September 22, the 2020 Harvest Festival of Chinese Farmers was held in Yichang Yidu National Citrus Agricultural Park, the main venue in Hubei Province.

It has a theme of “resisting the epidemic and guarding the harvest, a well-off life for farmers”.

At the opening ceremony, the cultural performance “Oranges Turning Red and Bringing Wealth to Villagers” was put on.

Other performances included the song and dance “In the Field of Hope”, the original Tujia song and dance “Making Silver Lock”, and the award-winning works of the famous new rural places.

The wonderful programs on stage presented a rich farm cultural feast for the audience, showing the joy of agricultural harvest, the achieve-ments of agricultural and rural development, and the significant changes in farm production and farmers’ lives.

In the lively festive venue, we see the joy on the face of Mao Zongxi, an orange farmer.

In an orange orchard in Baihongxi Village, Gaobazhou Town, Yidu City, Mao is busy cutting ripe oranges and tangerines.

“Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the price this year.

It is currently 70 cents to 80 cents, but with such a high yield, as long as the price is stable, we believe that the overall income of the orange farmers is quite substantial.

If we have enough people, we can sell more than 1,000 yuan per day.

“In a citrus waxing facility in Honghuatao Town, Yidu City, the farmers are screening and packing baskets of early ripening oranges.

After waxing and packaging, these oranges will be sold all over the country.

Cai Yongxi, deputy director of Yidu Fruit Tea Service Center, said that it is a big year for the citrus harvest in the city, and the output of all kinds of citrus is expected to exceed 650,000 tons.

Among them, the early-ripening citrus accounts for about 6.67 square kilometers, and the yield is about 14,000 tons.

The citrus industry is a unique and competitive industry in Yichang.

It is also a pillar industry for local farmers to increase their income and generate wealth.

This year, Yichang once again welcomes the citrus harvest, whose total output is expected to reach 3.7 million tons.

In order to support citrus sales, Yichang held a citrus production and marketing activity on September 20.

Twenty-one citrus production enterprises signed purchase and sales agreements with purchasers from all over the country, contracting for 300,000 tons of citrus on site with monetary value of 1.5 billion yuan.




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