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Heilongjiang: harvest on black soil granary

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On September 21, Foshan District Qingyang Street Center Kindergarten of Yantai, Shandong, put on a fashion show to celebrate the harvest and welcome the Harvest Festival of Chinese Farmers. Photo by Sun Wentan

“Harvest in black soil granaries, a well-off life on the beautiful Longjiang River.” On September 22, a wonderful Farmer Harvest Festival was held in Rice Park of Yongsheng Village, Chang’an Town, Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province.

At the scene of the activities, Liu Fengyun, chairman of Yunqiao Rice Company from Tailai County, Qiqihar City, told the journalist, “The great development of national agriculture and on this black soil have made me successful.

It is not only a responsibility, but also a kind of glory to be able to make a modest contribution in the efforts to alleviate poverty.

“Liu Fengyun is the leader of the movement to alleviate farmers’ poverty and create wealth.

She   keeps her fellow townspeople in mind as she has become rich.

Liu helps the poor villagers participate by means of common interest, wisdom and support, providing work and making purchases.

At the same time, the enterprises cut profit in favor of farmers to truly benefit everyone, helping her fellow townspeople escape poverty and generate wealth.

On the scene, the “cheering for the harvest of Longjiang” short video campaign attracted participants to stop and watch.

Through a collection of 100 happy faces of farmers who have cast off poverty to get rich, scenes of farmers celebrating the harvest together, sharing happiness and transmitting joy were displayed.

Activities such as “the king of agricultural production” and “the leader of farmers escaping poverty and becoming rich” fully show the style of farmers in the new era.

It is reported that the 2020 Heilongjiang Farmer Harvest Festival has taken farmers as the main subject.

The harvest celebration is the main line, and big agriculture, big granary and big harvest are the theme.

The festival comprehensively displays the new agricultural achievements, as well as new rural features and new images of farmers.

The rural stage is highlighted.

In addition, activities in the fields, in the villages and at the grassroots level have been organized.

As an important commodity grain base and grain strategic reserve base, Heilongjiang is the largest grain production province in China.

The province shoulders the responsibility of ensuring national food security.

“Based on the field investigation and expert analysis, although affected by extreme weather such as typhoons, it is still a year of good agricultural harvest with an increased yield.

” explained Gu Yi, the second-ary inspector of the Heilongjiang Agriculture and Rural Department.




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