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Dara Sakor’s developer, says US is invoking domestic laws to impose long arm jurisdiction

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An artist rendering of the Daro Sakor International Airport on Koh Kong. Photo supplied

The Union Development Group and shareholder, China Tianjin Union Investment Development Group Co., Ltd said that the United States is seeking to invoke domestic laws to impose “long arm jurisdiction” on the enterprise on baseless and unnecessary charges.

Union Development Group Co., Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Tianjin Union Investment Development Group Co., Ltd in a public statement, targeted the US to clarify the company’s stance on the allegations made against it which resulted on sanctions being imposed against it.

In a three page statement obtained by Khmer Times, China Tianjin Union Investment Development Group Co., Ltd said that it is was established in 1994 and is indeed a genuine local private enterprise in Tianjin with zero state linked investments.

“Our company is mainly engaged in real estate development, and has been awarded the honorary titles of “top 100 private enterprises in Tianjin” and “meritorious enterprise” for many years. “UnionDevelopment Group Co., Ltd.” registered in Cambodia in 2007, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Union Group, not a state-owned enterprise.

“It is a great honour for our company that the United States calls us a state-owned enterprise in China,” the statement said, mocking the US.

The company claimed that it has fully implemented its social responsibility, actively participated in the local social welfare undertakings, put people first, respected local folk customs, and actively assisted the local government to build public infrastructure and improve public services.

It has invested more than $3 million to solve issues such as such as water and electricity supply, roads as well as housing for the people and built educational and medical facilities for local people.

“We have assisted in the construction of more than 1000 houses, 7 schools, many township government office buildings, police stations, big markets, pagodas and kindergartens, 120 wells, 2 man-made rivers and 9 reservoirs have been built.

“In addition, we have donated ambulance, motorcycle, computer, measuring instrument, school office cabinet and other supporting hardware, as well as various kinds of living materials; donated more than $6.2 million to the Cambodian Red Cross.”

The company statement also dismissed repeated allegations that the Dara Sakor project may be used by the Chinese government for military purposes and China’s permanent military presence in Cambodia may threaten regional stability and undermine the prospects of peaceful settlement of disputes, promotion of maritime security and freedom of navigation and overflight.

The circled section of the Dara Sakor development which is being rehashed again and again. NZ Herald

“When we began to build the airport and port in the Dara Sakor park, some forces mainly in the United States have frequently fabricated facts, rumored that the airport built by our company was a military airport, and spread the news that China would build a naval base in the Dara Sakor.

“In this regard, senior leaders of the Cambodian government have repeatedly clarified the matter in public, stressing that the Dara Sakor airport and port will become a global transportation
hub, and the Cambodian constitution does not allow the establishment of any foreign miliary bases in its territory.

Cambodian side has organized many foreign diplomats in Cambodia and national defense military attache groups including diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia to visit the project site of our company for many times. People have different opinion whether it is a military base or not.

To sum up, the U.S. Treasury statement listed a number of charges about the union group are reckless and groundless.”

Earlier this year, a western military news website, The War Zone debunked the claims that an airfield that is under construction near Cambodia’s Dara Sakor Seashore Resort is actually a Chinese Air Base that will give China’s military greater reach throughout a critical and increasingly tense region.

High-resolution satellite imagery exclusively obtained by The War Zone does not support such a bold claim.

The under-construction airfield’s centralized apron could presumably be used to accommodate a number of aircraft of various sizes, from helicopters, to regular regional turboprop and jet traffic, to large international charter aircraft.

There are no hangar bays or other notable aircraft support improvements erected at this time that would point to a specific use for the airfield, either. The apron itself is quite small by Chinese military airfield standards.

Also, there aren’t any heavy security improvements or other features that point toward the base having some sort of primary military application. There is a road direct to it from the nearby luxury resort.

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