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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson’s remarks regarding the US Sanction on the Union Development Group


On September 15, the US Department of Treasury declared sanction  on the Union Development Group (UDG) of China, referring to the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act and an executive order of the US government.


As is known to all, the Cambodian Dara Sakor resort is a large-scale tourism and entertainment project invested by the Union Development Group Co., Ltd., a private enterprise from Tianjin, China. The project is a comprehensive investment and development pilot zone approved by the Cambodian government. It is in full compliance with the laws and regulations of Cambodia and has made positive contribution to the economic and social development of Cambodia.


The US sanction citing domestic law is a blatant hegemonic act. It completely ignores the facts and is  based on unwarranted charges. The US suppression on the legitimate investment of a Chinese enterprise in Cambodia will not only harm the lawful rights and interests of the enterprise, but also trample on the sovereignty of Cambodia.


The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia expresses its strong opposition and condemnation towards the US sanction. The Embassy further urges the US side to correct its wrongdoing and withdraw the so-called sanction.

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