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Making a change through digital art

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Saint is one of the most popular Cambodian artists on social media, who creates anime illustrations and digital art to tell stories about culture, literature, education, mental health, environment and lifestyle.

Pok Yilong, commonly known as Vincent or Saint, is a creative artist and founder of the Saint digital art page. Yilong completed a bachelor’s degree in Digital Art and Design from Zaman University in his early 20s. Yilong created the Saint digital art page to be used as his personal online portfolio, but the authenticity of his work captured the attention of 42 thousand followers, much to his surprise.

It has been three years since Yilong began creating artwork and adding to the Saint page, with the aim of promoting digital art in the Kingdom.

Yilong hopes to use anime illustration to depict the realities of society including daily activities, beliefs, practices and Khmer ceremonies using his social media platform.

Pursuing a career in art remains difficult for him as anime is not greatly appreciated in the Kingdom. However, Yilong knows that he must continue with his passion for art as he loves to express his ideas through drawing.

“Not everyone is happy with what you’re doing. Trying to alter something that hasn’t been changed for many decades is like throwing a rock into a still lake, it creates ripples. But that is how things go, things change and evolve,” he says.

Pok Yilong created the Saint page showcasing digital art. Supplied

Another challenge Yilong faces is balancing his full-time job with his life as an artist.

“Since I also have a full-time job, it is difficult to produce artwork consistently,” he says.

However, these setbacks don’t change Yilong’s dedication to his dreams and passion. He is motivated and inspired by witnessing people’s joy and love toward his works.

He believes that passionate art has the power to alter people’s perspectives and change society.

Yilong plans to complete a master’s degree abroad to improve his skills and expanding Saint as a digital platform which can incorporate education curriculums, so that students, researchers or the public can learn using visual stimulus.


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