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Hapkido Federation conducts training for counter-terrorism unit

Jose Rodriguez T. Senase / Khmer Times Share:
The Hapkido training undergone by soldiers aims to make them more effective at their job. KT/Yeun Punleau

The Cambodian Hapkido Federation (CHF) has conducted training intended to improve the fighting skills of members of the Kandal Provincial Counter-terrorism unit.

The training was held over a period of three months and concluded on September 6. The ten participants from the elite counter-terrorism unit received certificates confirming that they have completed the Intermediate Level of the combat sport during the closing ceremony held at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh.

Hapkido is a Korean martial art commonly associated with self-defence where a fighter tries to subdue an opponent by grappling, joint locks, kicks and punches. The sport also involves the use of traditional weapons like knives, swords and rope.

During the training, the participants learned more than 50 Hapkido skills from coach Kong Chan Tina, who is also the secretary-general of the CHF.

Basic Hapkido training would normally involve the following skills and techniques: Single Kicks, Wrist Seize Defence, Clothing Seize Defence, Punch Defence, Kick Defence, Combination Kicks, Jumping Kicks, Throw Defence, and Knife Defence.

Advanced training would include Cane Techniques, Sword Techniques, Knife Throwing Techniques, Revival Techniques, Choke Defence, Joint Locking Counters, Defence Against Multiple Attackers, among others.

According to Kong, it was different from their normal training programme. “It was different from what we normally teach to other students. We trained them (soldiers) to be more effective in their job,” he said.

Kong said the trainees did well throughout the duration of the course. “They wanted to learn from us. They paid attention and there was encouragement from their superiors,” he noted.

Kong said it would be a good idea to include Hapkido in the training for all members of the Cambodian military. “It has been my goal for a long time,” he explained. “Hapkido is very effective in confronting and subduing terrorists, criminals and other bad elements in society without resorting to violence and use of deadly force.”

There are currently five Hapkido clubs in the Kingdom. According to Kong, their aim is not only to train the military but also to make the sport more popular in the Kingdom, with plans in place to expand into different provinces in the future.

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