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Realestate.com.kh launches Cambodia Real Estate Trends

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The Cambodian real estate market saw great leaps in terms of investment and selection over the past few years. An important key to this surge is the availability of data that allows investors to make sound decisions in choosing where best to allocate their attention and resources to. As such, several institutions and organizations have taken the initiative to compile what data is available to provide more and more accurate information every year.

This time, Realestate.com.kh, Cambodia’s #1 real estate portal, is contributing to the efforts through the Cambodia Real Estate Trends.

Cambodia Real Estate Trends is a page under the domain of Realestate.com.kh. The page, now available to the public, is designed to provide Cambodia’s real estate stakeholders additional market data to better understand and gauge current trends.

The Cambodia Real Estate Trends page aggregates property information on Realestate.com.kh and allows users to arrange data according to what they want to find out.


Price trend for properties for sale/rent in Cambodia


This is the first table on the Cambodia Real Estate Trends page. This graph showcases the trends in terms of sale, rent, and rental yield for residential and commercial properties in Cambodia. This is particularly useful for developers as scouting the market can be a time-consuming task. But with this tool, developers can get a better understanding of the current market landscape with a quick glance.


Price trend by bedroom for sale in Cambodia


This is the second table on the Cambodia Real Estate Trends page. This graph showcases the trend of how much certain properties are selling for, namely: apartment/condos and houses. The graph lines are also subdivided into the different amount of bedrooms to give a more nuanced set of data for users. This is particularly useful for property seekers, especially families, in gauging how much they have to or oughta spend for a property they’re looking at.


Price trend by bedroom for rent in Cambodia


This is the 3rd table on the Cambodia Real Estate Trends page. This graph showcases the rental trend of different properties in Cambodia. The data can be parsed to showcase rental trends for apartments/condos and houses. This is especially useful for expatriates looking for a good grasp of the rental prices in Cambodia.


Median Prices And Popularity Index For Locations Within Cambodia


This table provides users with a comprehensive snapshot of the market trends for all residential and commercial properties. The table is arranged to offer a simple way to compare price and popularity changes across Cambodia. The data can be arranged to showcase the median prices/popularity of a particular type of property in a given time frame. For example, users can compare prices of apartments/condos before and after the outbreak of COVID-19 – a piece of information useful for both buyers and sellers of property within the Kingdom.


Cambodia Real Estate Trends has been a massive undertaking by Realestate.com.kh and its software developers. But as Cambodia’s property market expands, so will the Cambodia Real Estate Trends. Users can expect future updates to further enhance data accuracy and the overall user experience and utility.


Realestate.com.kh Sales and Marketing Contact: Nara Tang

+855 86 644 903

[email protected]

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