GroGenesis makes organic breakthrough

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GroGenesis claims their product can increase crops yields. KT/Chor Sokunthea

A global agriculture technology company has signed a deal to allow for the distribution of a product to stimulate nutrient and water uptake in plants in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

GroGenesis, the producer of AgraBurst PRO, has made a deal with Curewel International for the distribution of the product in the four countries. 

AgraBurst PRO is an all-natural, non-GMO agricultural input which improves the ability of plants to efficiently access nutrients in fertilisers, resulting in the need for less fertiliser, improved water retention in soil and increased drought tolerance, as well as increased yields and income for farmers, according to the company.

Sandeep Majumdar, president of Curewel International, said farmers in developing countries will benefit from access to AgraBurst PRO.

“After seeing field testing results from other countries in Southeast Asia and South America, we wanted to be instrumental in introducing this environmentally-friendly input that is not only organic, but also generates higher yields for the farmer trying to increase his family’s income.

“The cost to the farmer is insignificant when considering higher crop production numbers,” Mr Majumdar said.

“With more than twenty-five years’ of experience in building distributor networks through Southeast Asia, we are confident that we can work with GroGenesis in expanding AgraBurst PRO’s reach to a region of the world crying out for an effective non-chemical agricultural input.”

Richard Kamolvathin, president and CEO of GroGenesis, welcomed Curewel International to its rapidly growing family of sustainable agricultural partnerships worldwide.

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