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SCIA Drive-Thru Parade to Welcome New Academic Year


SCIA Celebrates the Back to School Season, Social Distance Style!


Cheers and music could be heard last Monday, 3rd August as Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA) held a Drive-Through Parade to mark the start of their new academic year. The parade started from 3.00 p.m., with a steady stream of cars passing through for 45 minutes. Parents drove their children around the campus while school leaders, teachers and administrative staff waved as they lined the pavement holding heart-warming posters, flags and balloons.

SCIA K12 students, from Nursery to Grade 12, could finally meet their teachers face-to-face, albeit at a safe distance apart and behind masks. Teachers and students alike were enthusiastically participating in the event, evident from their smiling faces and excited greetings.

“Since the school closure began in mid-March, many students have missed studying in their classrooms and interacting with their fellow classmates and teachers. Therefore, this parade was a great way for our students and parents to reconnect both socially and emotionally with the school as we start the new academic year,” Mr. Ismail, SCIA K12 Principal, said.

“We’re used to seeing our [students and their] families every day. Schools are so much more than a physical place for learning; they are truly communities.”

SCIA is among the schools granted approval by the Cambodia Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) to re-open its campus in August. The school has started its new academic year AY2020/21 with Orientation Week since Monday (3/8) via Home-Based Learning.

Following the high safety standard from the Government of Cambodia, SCIA will continue to work closely with the MOEYS to ensure a safe and systematic return of all their students back to campus as soon as possible.

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