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Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia continues to assist families from Vietnamese origin

Vietnamese people in Cambodia receive gifts. baoquocte.vn

The Vietnamese Embassy, resident office of Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) in Cambodia and the Khmer – Vietnam branch in Kandal province visited and learnt about the aspiration of seven families, including 41 people, in Seam Reap, Pursat provinces, to freely emigrate to Vietnam.

Having been detected and prevented from illegal entry by authorities, they are currently in a temporary quarters.

Sharing their difficult living conditions, the representative of embassy visited and emphasised the need for compliance with current regulations on immigration management of the two countries; advising them about the risks, and regulations on moving to Vietnam, particularly in the context of the rainy season and pandemics as at present, especially without any documents to certify that they are Vietnamese citizens.

In term of supportive measures, the representative of the embassy presented essentials and foodstuff to the people; at the same time, they should contact the local Khmer – Vietnam branch and the embassy for assistance in changing career and stabilizing life in Cambodia if it is too difficult to live on the Tonle Sap Lake.

When contacted, the representative of Thadi Company said that it is ready to receive and support the seven families as soon as the households agree. The representative of the delegation also thanked and suggested the administration and police of Kandal province pay attention to and create better conditions for them.

In the coming days, the embassy, the association and local Khmer – Vietnam branch will continue to mobilize and find ways to support the people. BTA

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