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Two hectares of marijuana found and destroyed in Takeo

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea / Khmer Times Share:
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Police in Takeo province on Saturday destroyed around two hectares of marijuana and seized 15,000 marijuana trees from eight farms located in the foothills of a mountain near the Cambodian-Vietnamese border.


Deputy Chief of Kirivong district police Lieutenant Colonel Yeng Bunsoeun said yesterday that at 8am on Saturday, provincial anti-drug police in collaboration with district police raided eight marijuana farms located in the foothills of a mountain located near Preah Bath Choanchoum commune.

He said farmers often used the location to plant the trees illegally, to sell the crop across the border in Vietnam.

Lt Col Bunsoeun said police were informed of the plantations whereabouts after a villager who climbed the mountain to hunt for animals saw the marijuana trees and alerted police on Friday.

He said after receiving the report, the cooperating forces raided the farms on Saturday morning.

However, the owners of the farms had fled before police arrived, Lt Col Bunsoeun said.

“After the raid, authorities destroyed the plantations and seized other related material from the farms,” he said. “Police are now searching for the owners of the farms in order to bring them to justice.”

Lt Col Bunsoeun said the authorities are trying to educate  villagers to deter them from planting marijuana trees by stressing that  growing  was against the law.

“However, some people still attempt to raise plantations because the business is lucrative and they do not have the skills or education to pursue other work,” he added.


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