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CSOs look to join forces with media for added clout

Sok Srey Lux / Khmer Times Share:
The conference, organised by the NGO Forum, was attended by CSOs and media representatives at Hotel Cambodiana. KT/Siv Channa

A group of 20 civil society yesterday joined a meeting with representatives from 16 media publications in a bid to strengthen cooperation and understanding between the two sectors.

Speaking at the meeting, Tek Vannara, director of NGO forum in Cambodia , the events organising body, said journalism and media platforms play a significant role in distributing information to the public as well as provide a platform for citizens to present their issues to the government.

“The media helps to present issues with transparency, objectivity and seeks solutions by informing the public”, said Vannara.“Whereas civil society groups cover different grounds, including national development strategy, public financial management and reform, sub-national development, health, education, access to information, environmental impact assessment, budget transparency, social accountability, industry and Gender,” he said.

He urged media to cooperate closely with CSOs and participate in distributing important information about projects transparently and accurately to the public.

At the meeting, the NGO Forum also shared its 2018 to 2023 six-year plan that will see it partner with three organisations on six projects to benefit the environment and agriculture.

The projects will include the launching of Agriculture Strategic Development Plan research, carrying out Contract Farming Research; publishing a Cambodia’s Citizens Climate Budget report for 2018-19, conducting a study of people’s livelihoods along the Sesan River after the due construction of the dam in the area, assessment of the impact of the Sanakham dam in the Mekong in Laos on Cambodia – including the procedure for notifications prior consultations and agreements process and organising the 9th National Farmer Forum.

To complete these projects, the NGO Forum stated it would partner with The Network for Development of Food Security and Safety in Cambodia, The NGOs Environment and Climate Changes Alliance and Rivers Coalition in Cambodia.

The six key projects are set to begin in August this year, according to the NGO Forum strategy.

Chea Singhtararith, a communication manager at Transparency International Cambodia said at the meeting that integrity and accountability in serving the public, by encouraging government, civil society, business, media and the wider public to work together, would bring success to the Kingdom and prevent corruption.

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