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Perfect way to retreat from concrete jungle and stress

Marie Lamy / Khmer Times Share:
Yoga is a combination of meditation and a set of exercises aimed at bringing harmony to the body and mind. Supplied

Hasn’t there been a time when you felt suffocated by the concrete jungle we live in? With a stifling average temperature of 35 to 36 degrees Celcius in Phnom Penh, have you ever felt the urgent need to reconnect with nature  to disconnect from reality?

We might have found your next getaway weekend where you are cut off from phone calls, messages, emails and other routine distractions. A place you can go alone to or with good company. A venue where apprentices and longtime practitioners are welcome to experience a peaceful retreat.

Red Forest Retreat, operating in a Khmer style wooden house, is surrounded by Mother Nature amid the beauty of Kampot province’s countryside.

The host, Dana Wang, who leads a group of yogis or yoga practitioners, chatted with Khmer Times about Red Forest’s activities. She described the location chosen as a great place for yogis or amateurs who desire to get away from the day-to-day tensions in our lives.

Yoga is a combination of meditation and a set of exercises aimed at bringing harmony to the body and mind which, in turn, helps improve many aspects of one’s physical, emotional and intellectual life.

“At the moment, the pandemic is causing an accumulation of stress which causes physical and mental exhaustion. Practising yoga can lower tension, promote relaxation, drain lymph nodes, boost immunity and increase mindfulness to avoid contagious emotions,” Dana said.

With the guidance of skilful instructors, different variations of yoga, qigong and mediation are available to be practised on-site.

In addition, Dana said the Red Forest Retreat provides special treatments of energy-healing therapeutic massage upon request. The place is found close to Kampot River and provides great escape from crowded cities. The streets and their mix of French and Chinese style architecture take you back to an old city stuck in time.

As the riverside is close to the retreat house, kayaking is also within easy reach. As Dana mentioned, this place provides a beautiful escapade to ease your thoughts. Whether you are an enthusiast of yoga or not, even by simply reading under a shade of  the trees or admiring the landscaped countryside in front of a lotus pond will relax you. The experience of being in complete harmony with nature will surely recharge the soul and body. Our friends at Red Forest Retreat also offer vegan-friendly food to detoxify your body from any sort of processed food and a daily meditation session which opens the gate to a lifelong mindful practice.


For additional information visit the Red Retreat Forest Facebook Page.

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