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Nov Dana ‘Clock Spirits Awakening’ sees a rising artist awake

Som Kanika / Khmer Times Share:
Nov Dana is an emerging star on the Kindom’s silverscreen. Supplied

As an upcoming singer, songwriter and film star, Nov Dana hasn’t had any formal training in the field of music and fine arts. She was born into a family whose members never got involved in acting and singing so it surprised most people when she became a well-known actor in the Kingdom. In 2019, after 3 years of being in the local film industry, Dana’s hard work and perseverance paid off when she was cast in Cambodian block buster movie—“The Clock Spirits Awakening”, which was screened worldwide.

Som Kanika had the privilege to an exclusive interview with the artist about her new journey in the Kingdom’s film industry.

Dana is well-known for her role in ‘The Clock: Spirit Awakening’, a horror film. Supplied


GT2: Can you briefly describe your journey in the film industry?

Nov Dana: I got involved in the movie industry in 2017 but because I was also studying a university degree, majoring in accounting and finance at the Economic and Finance Institute ( EFI), I did not pursue it full time.  My family also strongly encouraged me to finish my education first. Despite the fact I was passionate about the performing arts, I became an accountant after graduation. However, it didn’t take long before I decided to follow my childhood dream. I became the first generation in my family to be an actor. It took me more than five years to receive recognition from the public. Honestly speaking, the journey in the movie industry was very challenging. Sometimes, it is fate that decides for you.

Dana during the shooting of ‘The Clock’. Supplied

GT2: As you mentioned, working in the film industry is quite challenging, what is the driving force that keeps your going?

Nov Dana:  there is one quote that resonates with me; “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. This quote speaks about my passion I have for this journey as a musician and actor. I try to always remain optimistic and remember the goals I have set in life. Having hope, compassion and confidence in everything you do is just as important. Another driving force that keeps me going is my family, my two children always look up to me as a role model. They have always been proud of me choosing to do what I love and am passionate about. Their support, encouragement and compliments are probably the things that keeps me alive and carries me through in this career.

GT2: From your perspective, what does it take to be a respectable film star?

Nov Dana: Not only in the film industry but also in other fields, respecting your work and your colleagues is essential because it shows who you are as a person. Respecting your work by coming to work on time, striving your best to complete your tasks and respecting your colleagues or any individual who supports and assists you is crucial.

GT2: What were the most challenging and satisfying scenes you experienced in the movie The Clock Spirit Awakening?

Nov Dana: There were a few unforgettable scenes for me which I found both challenging and satisfying. The first would be where I had to become a soul, enter my house and witness my daughter, who has depression, get brutally beaten by her stepmother. As a soul, I cannot do anything to help my beloved daughter. That feeling of helplessness was painful and I felt that most mothers can relate to. Another would be a scene which is deeply associated with my real life experience as a mother. The third is a scene where I have a wall collapse on me. It took the entire team almost a full day to prepare the set and make sure safety precautions were in place. The scene required me to be physical, if I wasn’t careful or mindful, I could have gotten hurt. However, together with my co-actors who were very professional, we got through the scene quite smoothly. I got many compliments from viewers who watched that scene.

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