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Fatal Affair turns into a Fatal Fiasco

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We recommend watching ‘Fatal Affair’ only if you have time to kill. Netflix

It very rarely happens, but the latest Netflix original “Fatal Affair” is a total flop in every sense of the word. It can even be considered as the worst film of the year. You should only watch it if you have nothing else better to do or have run out of things to watch on the streaming platform.

The psychological thriller stars Nia Long as Ellie Warren, a successful lawyer living with her husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) who is recovering from a dreadful car accident. After their daughter sets off for college, the couple soon finds they have lost the ‘zing’ in their marriage. As Ellie prepares to establish her own law firm, she is introduced to tech consultant David Hammond (Omar Epps). He happens to be an old friend of hers. Despite the two not having met in college, David suddenly proclaims he has been obsessed with Ellie since.

A reunion leading to something ‘fatal’ is not an original concept for a film. Netflix

The two later visit a nightclub, where they dance and things get steamy. Ellie, because of her loveless marriage is tempted to take things further however she changes her mind and rushes home. Little does Ellie know, the one episode that day would be the beginning of a cat-and-mouse game which would turn into her own personal nightmare when she becomes fearful after discovering the secret behind the death of David’s ex-wife.

If you were an active cinemagoer in the 80s or a classic film enthusiast, you will be familiar with Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction, the highest grossing film worldwide in 1987 which received six academy award nominations. Its concepts, setting, characters and even the title are very similar to “Fatal Affair”. While being a copycat is almost seen as a deviance these days, it might seem the new film is an attempt at an improved version of the old one. However, make no mistake “Fatal Affair” fails miserably.

The best phrase to describe the film would be “killing-time”. The screenplay is boring, with very little suspense, twists or thrilling moments making it very predictable. The story, meanwhile, is bizarre and sometimes illogical. For example, if David was so obsessed with Ellie during college days, why didn’t he start stalking her much earlier, considering that he is a genius hacker? Why isn’t Marcus furious after learning his wife almost had sex with another man? The list goes on.


Nai Long as Ellie Warren, a lawyer who loses the ‘zing’ in her marriage. Netflix

Nia Long does a great job in playing the role of a paranoid woman who is being stalked while Omar Epps, who plays David, also deserves praise for playing a psychopath who instils fear. However, the two still cannot save the film from total carcrash. Their acting is the only saving grace in this one and half hour movie.

We recommend watching “Fatal Attraction” instead!

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