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Khnong Phsar to spruce up area to increase tourism

Khann Chanvirak / Khmer Times Share:
A family admires the beautiful landscape of Khnong Phsar mountain. Facebook

Kampong Speu provincal authorities are beautifying its tourist attraction, Khnong Phsar, by ridding the area of rubbish.


They will encourage villagers to clean up the area and buy the rubbish collected by them for $0.75 per kilogramme.

Speaking at a press conference at the Council of Ministers yesterday, governor Vey Samnang said Khnong Phsar is a recently discovered tourist destination that attracts about 300 tourists a week. Visitors spend an average of a two-night stay  in the lush green mountain area.

“The province is determined to make Khnong Phsar void of rubbish. The Department of Environment has been instructed to buy garbage collected in the area by the villagers, for $0.75 per kilogramme,” he said.

“Nowadays, tourists and villagers are more environmentally conscious and so the province is building toilets in Khnong Phsar to maintain good hygiene and for the convenience of tourists who visit this natural area.”

Provincial department of environment director Em Sokun says the measures to buy garbage from the people began in June, as the number of tourists visiting Khnong Phsar mountain increased, to reduce the pollution of the natural resort.

“To date, the department has bought around 500 kilogrammes of garbage from the villagers,” he said.

“All the rubbish bought will be burnt at a designated burning site.”

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