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Keeping the digital dream alive

Jason Boken / Khmer Times Share:
George Mee working on a project in Ibiza. The Bros That Grow

A new business recently opened in Cambodia is trying to go against the grain with positive vibes and high aspirations.

The Bros That Grow is a content creation company that has already made its mark in Europe and plans to do the same here in the Kingdom of Wonders, based in Kampot.

Content creation is the process of creating text and visuals that match the interests of audiences and brands in order to reach business goals.

Once the creative process is complete, the results can boost engagement which then boosts business.

Although Cambodia has a population of around 16 million people, the content creation market isn’t that big.

The Bros That Grow said: “We are not too sure how big the demand for content creation will be during the low season and these hard times. With there not being any tourists here it’s a long shot to see if businesses will want this type of work. What we know for sure, though, is that social media plays a huge part in business and will continue to play a huge part in the future. Getting the social media advertisement right is crucial for when the high season starts later this year. Most people in the Western world must be itching for a holiday right now so I think it’s a great time for businesses to show everything they have to offer.”

Social media does indeed play a huge role in Cambodia. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommuni- cations reported in 2019 that Facebook alone has 8.3 million users here followed by YouTube with 1.9 million users. Instagram has 720,000 users.

The Bros That Grow (TBTG) started its journey in the UK, where two people, George Mee and Liam Hood from Nottingham, worked as electrical engineers at a factory and felt that the job and lifestyle weren’t for them.

With a flair for photography and some basic tools in hand, they decided to quit their jobs and invest a large chunk of money into some top of the range videography equipment.

Liam Hood controlling a drone. The Bros That Grow

With all of this in place, they made a move to the Balearic Islands. They started to grind away in Ibiza working on as many cool and unique projects as possible and more importantly learn their craft.

Now the duo are in Cambodia and bringing everything they have learned with them. Mee and Hood said: “We are bringing a content creation service to Cambodia. We specialise in photography, videography and drone work. We are looking to keep the dream alive of being digital nomads.”

Not only did the duo build a large portfolio of clients in Europe, they managed to pull off getting a gig on a television programme aired by the BBC. The programme titled Ibiza Dreams was set on the Spanish island of Ibiza and had a cast of young hopefuls who were chasing a new life.

After the television show ended, they are the only remaining cast members still out doing what they planned to do, bringing people content they love and keeping the dream alive. TBTG went on to say: “We believe our success was down to the lifestyle changes we made upon arriving in Ibiza. We transitioned to a holistic lifestyle and started to take care of our minds and bodies much more. We took up yoga and meditation and really cultivated stronger mindsets, this inspired us and, along with our strong work ethic, we knew we could achieve anything we put our minds to.”

But why did they choose Cambodia? And how do they think that they can survive the Coronavirus pandemic without the dream meandering away. TBTG explained: “We visited Cambodia five years ago and we fell in love with the place. The people here are great and we saw a lot of upcoming expatriate businesses that we knew we could help with our business. To be honest, we don’t let anything hold us back. We are all in this together. We just have to keep pushing forward to that light at the end of the tunnel. We hope we can help local businesses and help bring tourism back.”

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