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Desperados mediocre which at times is a hit and sometimes a miss

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Sarah Burns as Kaylie, Nasim Pedrad as Wesley and Anna Camp as Brooke in Netflix’s Desperados. Netflix

The new Netflix original romantic comedy “Desperados”, stars Nasim Pedrad, a veteran in comedy best known for her five seasons on Saturday Night Live. This is her first protagonist role in a feature film. We expected a hilarious film, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite hit the mark however the comedy still comes through.

In “Desperados”. Nasim Pedrad plays the role of Wesley, a desperate, unemployed woman in her late 30s, who can neither find a job nor a partner. She goes on a blind date with a man called Sean (Lamorne Morris), but it ends abruptly after Wesley talks about marriage and children. On the way home, she runs into Jared (Robbie Amell), who saves her when she slips and falls. She is smitten and immediately falls in love with Jared, who fits her definition of a perfect guy. In order to keep his interest, she hides her true character. Very soon the two begin dating.

A few days after they make love, Jared suddenly stops contacting Wesley. Heart-broken she gets drunk with two of her best friends Brooke (Anna Camp) and Kaylie (Sarah Burns). With them egging her on, she sends an insulting email message to Jared. She later hears from Jared who calls her to say he has woken up from a coma after having been involved in a traffic accident in Mexico. When asked by Wesley if he has read his email, he says he hasn’t since his luggage was back at the hotel and he was still in hospital. To avoid losing him, Wesley makes a decision to go to Mexico with her two friends and delete the email from his laptop kept in his hotel room. Little does she knows what a goofy journey this will turn out to be with mischief, accusations, executions and redemption all waiting ahead of her.

Wesley is struggling to find a job and a partner and desperately wants to settle down in life. Netflix

The cast in “Desperados” are remarkably talented. As the protagonist and in the centre of the film’s humour, Nasim Pedrad has done a good job in stealing the show by bringing out not only the amusing goofiness but also her natural stubbornness and obtuseness of her character. Another actor who must receive praise is Lamorn Morris, who plays Sean, Wesley’s failed blind date. He is full of charm and natural humour and it will be a waste if he does not get more leading roles in upcoming romantic comedies. Anna Camp and Sarah Burns also do an excellent job playing the supporting characters, presenting a very well-mixed chemistry.

One big flaw of the film is the script by TV writer Ellen Rapoport. She fails to come up with a screenplay to match the levels to fit the capabilities of the cast which is why it’s a mediocre project. In short, it is funny at times with most of the  humour is in the words rather than through slapstick and physical comedy. Even Nasim is probably only using 30 percent out of her arsenal.

While trying to sneak into Jared’s hotel room, Wesley runs into Sean (Lamorn Morris), her failed blind date. Netflix

Another reason people might not want to watch “Desperados” is its degree of sensitive content found in the film, ranging from a horny CG dolphin slapping its penis on a woman’s face to a running gag about a woman accused of being a pedophile—not to mention the racial jokes on the Mexican hotel workers. Some will find these offensive rather than humourous.

Yet, the film comes at the right time, so to speak. It gives viewers the summer fun which they might have missed due to the lockdowns during the pandemic with its few LOL moments.

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