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‘e-Health Yoeung’ a medical mobile phone App

Som Kanika and Sok Srey Lux / Khmer Times Share:
The e-Health Yoeung App launch at Preah Ang Duong Hospital yesterday. KT/Pann Rachana

Preah Ang Duong Hospital yesterday launched a medical mobile phone application which allows patients to monitor their own health through their medical records kept at the hospital.

The application, called e-Health Yoeung was designed with various features, including making or changing appointment dates and time, providing prescriptions for medication and keeping all medical records and treatments of the patient.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng stated the medical application is effective for patients to keep track of their own records for better management of their health.

“The e-Health Yoeung stores the patient’s history, including his or her appointments, medications the doctor prescribes, the doctor’s name and even sets reminders for the next appointment,” he added.

Mr Bun Heng said: “Preah Ang Duong hospital is the only hospital for now where e-Health Yoeung app can be accessed. We have plans to expand the service to other hospitals as well. In the future, we will have this application in other hospitals such as the Calmette Hospital and Preah Kossamak Hospital.”

Lou Ly Kheang, director of Preah Ang Duong Hospital, said the system is capable of storing the health information of all their patients.

The e-Health Yoeung card which gives access to medical records to patients. KT/Pann Rachana

“For now, the aplication is only available in the city but our medical teams will continue to spread its availability to other hospitals in the provinces and even at the referral hospitals.”

Pong Limsan, Chief Executive Officer of the First Womentech Asia Co Ltd, who jointly cooperated in the creation of this application said the main challenge at the moment for patients is booking appointments with their doctors and later finding out the doctors are unable to keep it.

“This app will be helpful for patients as they will know whether their appointment with the doctor is available or not,” she added.

However, to implement this App, each hospital needs to be efficient with their own administrative procedures before they can access the e-Health Yoeung. Preah Ang Duong hospital has been using this app for about a year now, which is why the patient can just register their name when they come to the hospital.”

She added: “Once the app is activated, you will be able to see your previous medical records at the Preah Ang Duong Hospital, if you used to be a patient there.”

They can enable the application with a e-Health Yoeung card which can be purchased for $2.50 at the Preah Ang Doung hospital. The card will allow them to scan a code which will link a person to their previous medical records.

However, the patient can go directly to the hospital to register their name to access this application. The medical application can be downloaded from AppStore or Google Play.

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