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Khmer-Thai delicacies for your pleasure

Marie Lamy & Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
Fish Amok ($5) served in coconut shells. GT2/Marie Lamy

Strolling through the neigh­bourhood of Boeung Keng Kong 3 district, an entrance which was ordinary, somehow pulled us in to enter this small locally owned eatery. An outside kitchen on your left, the cook directs us towards the inside dining area. For a few bucks only, Silent restaurant serves a menu of Khmer-Thai dishes to please foodies with a big appetite so it’s worth visiting. The fact they use only fresh ingredients in the preparation of their food is definitely a bonus.

With the help of the waitress, we were advised to choose three dishes. For a starter we chose an avocado-shrimp salad. With soft avocados, big shrimps and fresh salad the restaurant embellishes an ordinary salad with their special dressing.

“A mixture of garlic, chili and lime juice makes the dressing which can be served with their pork, chicken or seafood dishes.” said Chef Tim. With a large number of customers requesting the dressing, a 200 ml bottle is now available for purchase at the restaurant and online for only 3$.

As the main course, The Tong Sap soup with pork spare ribs is a specialty of the house, according to Chef Tim who also likes to call it “Tom Yum Goong soup’s sister”. Spiced with dried chili, kaffir lime leaves and shrimp paste the broth brings sends a delightful aroma floating out from the soup. One portion is enough for 2 people and it comes with a strong spicy kick.

Tong Sap Soup ($3.7). GT2/Marie Lamy

Craving for fish amok, arguably one of the most popular Khmer dishes, Silent restaurant serves it artis­tically in a coconut shell topped with few leaves of coriander. Served along with hot steamy white rice on the side it pleases your taste buds and your pocket as it costs only $5.

A variety of dishes are available on the menu, from a minimum of $2 to $20.

Silent restaurant is located on Street 95 #56 Eo BKK3. Opens from 8am to 10pm.

The dining eatery also provides home delivery with Nham 24, E-Gets and Food Panda for customer’s convenience.


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