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Furloughed entertainment service workers seek financial relief

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Entertainment service workers protest under the rain in front of the Ministry of Labour. Supplied

More than 20 representatives of entertainment workers today gathered to submit a petition at the Ministry of Labour to seek out-of-job allowances, similar to the compensation received by displaced workers from the garment and tourism sectors.

In the petition, the workers requested for various assistance amid the massive furloughs, including the provision of $40 allowances to each affected worker and a 50 percent reduction in rental fees.

In March, the Ministry of Health ordered the temporary closures of KTV parlours, nightclubs and cinemas as a precautionary response to the surge of coronavirus cases in the country. Presently, the establishments remain closed in a bid to prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

One of the workers who declined to disclose her name said: “We ask for the government’s intervention by providing some allowance to support our daily needs, such as food and rent since we have not earned any income since March. We have been out of jobs for a long time,” she said.

On Tuesday, the Labour Ministry announced the fourth phase of the provision of out-of-job allowances, this time to more than 17,000 workers from 50 enterprises under the garment and tourism sector.

Prior to this, the government has paid out a total of $2.4 million from May 28 to June 3 to 110,000 workers of 344 factories and tourism enterprises.

The ministry has prepared a $12 million budget of out-of-work subsidies to workers who had been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. At present, the suspensions have affected over 153,000 workers in the garment sector and another 17,000 from the tourism sector.

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