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Black Friday and big discounts – when did they actually start?

Ivan Fredriech Cano / Khmer Times Share:
​​You’ve probably heard of Black Friday in one way or another and the words “big discount” and “limited time offer” usually follow any advertisement of the event. With those key phrases plastered all over, it’s hard to miss any mention of it at certain times of the year. But have you ever wondered when it all started?

In the United States, Black Friday is arguably a cultural event, stemming from the country’s strong consumer market, especially around the late-November and December holiday seasons. However, pinpointing the first-ever Black Friday, or even timeframe, is not as clear-cut as the history of how diamonds became a staple of marriage proposals (also an interesting story).


Real estate prices industry-wide have been dropping for the past few months, even among Cambodia’s top-tier developments.

This presents a rare and unique opportunity for any prospective homeowner in the Kingdom to get their dream home at a more attractive price during the Black Friday Property Sale.

The event is scheduled on June 12, 2020, from 4pm to 8pm GMT+7. The Black Friday Property Sale will feature time-exclusive discounts on top-tier property from renowned real estate developers in the country.

Register FREE today at the Black Friday Property Sale website and mark your calendars for June 2020.


Ivan Fredriech Cano

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