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Wildlife NGO releases film against eating bush meat

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
A plate with pangolin meat that was shown in the Wildlife Alliance film. Photo supplied

The Wildlife Alliance has launched a short film warning the public about deadly health risks when eating bush meat.

According to the NGO, the documentary is a part of its #StopEatingWildlife campaign aimed at protecting wild animals from poachers.

It claimed eating bush meat causes deadly diseases, like COVID-19, and has also been linked to other deadly diseases, such as SARS, Ebola, and HIV.

The film was shot in Cambodia. It shows a group of men at a restaurant about to eat pangolin meat and then zooms in on a segment showing one of them sick in a hospital bed.

Suwanna Gauntlett, Wildlife Alliance CEOn said: “Consumers are taking a risk with their health every time they eat wildlife, and we want this film to show that.”

“By fighting the illegal wildlife trade we’re fighting the chances of further new pandemics developing. Individuals can play a role by not only stopping eating wildlife, but reporting any wildlife crimes to our hotline 012 500 094,’’ she added.

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