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Turn negativity of 2020 into positivity

Marie Lamy / Khmer Times Share:
Countless books are available online for bookworms. GT2/Pann Rachana

Approaching six months into 2020, New Year resolutions made at the beginning of the year take on a different meaning as the pandemic remains looming over. If there is something we will remember in 2020, it is probably how our lives have drastically changed. From working habits to social distancing, we are mostly conscious of our health and the people around us.

Job losses and salary cuts have been implemented by companies to survive. Fewer career opportunities were available on the market as well. The difficulty of finding another job is a concern. Career wise, it is challenging for many of us as every sector has been affected by the pandemic. In addition to that, quarantine has us take it on the chin. We live in constant anxiety of a second wave hitting us. We wear masks to protect ourselves from flying germs, we sanitise our hands to kill 99.1% bacteria.

As we enter June, we start to question how much we have achieved, and what will the next half of 2020 be like. Will things go back to normal? While waiting patiently for things to be as they were, we should appreciate the free time we now have by doing things we said we never had time to do. Here are some tips to keep your sanity during times of this pandemic.

1. Reading books

Countless books are available online for bookworms. GT2/Pann Rachana

From classic to newly released gems, we definitely advise you to read. Countless Ebooks from a variety of subjects are available online for a bookworms’ pleasure! Reading distracts you from the present moment and transports you into its own universe! Among quarantine reads we recommend taking a look at authors such as Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’ or Tiffany Haddish’s ‘Black Unicorn’. Their humor is contagious and penetrates without effort for the pleasure of readers. This is the perfect opportunity to finish a book within a couple of hours and you definitely won’t regret it.

2. Studying online

The E-learning platform is the new thing! The best opportunity for you to use your spare time is to learn something new. Like a new language, playing the piano, learning how to paint or taking a marketing class online. All for FREE. The good news is not only students can apply for the courses but professionals who want to acquire a new skill are welcomed to enroll. Michelangelo at 87 himself said “I am still learning” There is clearly no age limit to learn something new and you should seize this opportunity to do so. A variety of online courses are available wherever you are. An example; courses can be found on edx.org.

3. Exhale the frustration

Like many we feel suffocated and unable to move forward due to the current situation. We scream, cry and lose patience over things we cannot control. Although difficult as it seems, we are able to control emotions with breathing exercises. Taking a step back and letting your brain rest is not an easy thing. Thoughts keep flooding our mind and distract us from the present moment. Meditation is one of the best methods to relieve the stress. Whether free or paid apps, multiple YouTube videos online and writings from qualified teachers sharing their tips, resources online are aplenty. Grab your yoga mat and start exhaling your frustration out!

All in for all, remember to be easy on yourself. We are all trying to figure out how to make this work. Currently, you are not the only one feeling lame about not achieving the goals you set 6 months ago and it’s totally ok to feel that way. Today stay in bed eating ice-cream for breakfast, but tomorrow wake up and make it a better day!

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