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Electronic tax filing for medium and large payers

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:
General Department of Taxation Director-General Kong Vibol. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The General Department of Taxation (GDT) has officially now put into operation an electronic filing system for all medium and large taxpayers starting from early this month, according to a senior official of the department.

Speaking during the current development of the e-tax service online yesterday, GDT Director-General Kong Vibol said that at present, the taxation department has been aggressively developing its automatic system to provide fast, quick, transparent and convenient tax services to all taxpayers. So far, the department has launched many e-tax services, including e-payment, e-registration, e-data, e-uploader, e-VAT and e-filing.

Vibol said that e-filing is available only to medium and large taxpayers, while the taxation department has designed another mobile application for small-scale taxpayers.

“From now on, medium and large taxpayers are able to file or declare all their employees’ salary tax, withholding tax, value-added tax (VAT), key-in transaction, information and other taxes via the GDT’s e-filing portal monthly,” Vibol added.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance said medium taxpayers are enterprises or companies with a turnover from 700 million riels (just over $170,000) to 4,000 million riels and, for large taxpayers, the turnover is more than 4,000 million riels.

“Before the enterprises or companies declared or filed their taxes and other documents by paper, but now we have developed the portal for all e-filing, so that it can save cost, time and be more transparent. The original copy of the documents are kept with the companies or enterprises and they just key in the figures to the system,” he said.

“For the small taxpayers, we developed the Small Taxpayer App so they can key in the daily transactions or financial statements including income and expenses into the system.

“We believe that there is no issue with e-filing because the medium and large taxpayers got used to the e-VAT system. Plus, we also ran workshops in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, so we hope and encourage the medium and large taxpayers to use the e-filing system.

“In the near future, we will also apply this to the government entity for e-filing on income taxes.”

Vibol added e-filing is good for facilitating the workflow of a company, saves time and staff have no need to attend the taxation office or bank because the system will also include e-payment with around eight commercial banks cooperating with the taxation department.

Thyda Thaung, the founder of Thaung Enterprise, a small taxpayer, told Khmer Times that her company has declared taxes every month. She added that her company has also registered another medium taxpayer for exports and everything is declared by e-filing but she still submits hard copies.

“We still not aware of Small Taxpayer App yet. I think it would be good because it will make it easier for declarations and save time and money printing hard copies. However, there would be a problem for us as a small payer,” Thyda added. “We key in salaries, benefits, utilities, rents and other items,” she added

“We need to learn and understand about the system of filing because our education of technology is limited or else we still need some agency company to help in filing and pay for their services,” she added.

“It quite good to have it. But I’m not sure how many percent of small taxpayers will understand it.”

Vibol, however, added that the medium and large taxpayers are required to do the e-filing system and if they do not fully understand, they should seek more information from the taxation department or submit a letter to the taxation department for verification or we can train them.

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