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Industry 4.0: Training supplier is upskilling young workforce

Harrison White / Khmer Times Share:
DataU Academy, is granting full corporate sponsorships to Cambodia’s young and talented to up-skill and become fully-fledged data scientists, ensuring the Kingdom is ready to fully embrace the next industrial revolution. dubbed “Industry 4.0”. DataU Academy

Local education provider DataU Academy is granting full corporate sponsorships to Cambodia’s young and talented to upskill and become fully-fledged data scientists, ensuring the Kingdom is ready to fully embrace the next industrial revolution, dubbed “Industry 4.0”.

Academic Director of the DataU Academy in Cambodia Faria Arshad spoke to Khmer Times and explained the academy’s goal is to help improve the knowledge, skills, competence and expertise of data professionals and business among the local workforce.

“As the global appetite for data science continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, more and more organisations are looking to unlock the value of their data. But supply does not match demand. Here at DataU Academy, we address that precise demand, where we train talented locals to become fully-fledged Data Scientists right here in the Kingdom,” she said

Each successful applicant is granted a full corporate sponsorship that guarantees every trainee a high-paying job on graduation, fully covered course fees and a monthly learning salary.

Applicants who wish to undertake the data science and project management two-year training programme must have “advanced English skills, a working laptop and good abstract and critical thinking”.

The training programme takes place at DataU Academy’s office located at the Raintree Building in central Phnom Penh from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

According to the course structure, during the first year trainees will be equipped with all the necessary skills to become a valuable part of a data science team. Starting with the overview of basics, such as introduction to Python, SQL, manipulating data frames in panda and much more.

During the second year, trainees will then be legally employed by one of Cambodia’s leading companies.

In addition, to providing “hard skills” the academy also focuses on upskilling the “soft skills” of their graduates, with 40 percent of classroom time spent on dealing with both cultural and social norms such as a resistance to speaking up and self-limiting belief.

However, according to the academy, retainment is still one of their biggest challengers.

“Retainment can be a real problem for organisations, especially when you consider the time and cost invested into training employees. At DataU, we counter this through a number of means. Chief among these are our selection process, where we use psychometrics and psychographic analysis to look for loyalty indicators, but also our internal loyalty and client-brand-affinity activities,” Arshad said.

Looking to the future and the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the academy is looking towards the new social distancing norms as an opportunity to develop a robust set of best practices, workflows and adapted class formats.

These best practices are already being shared with partners and client organisations so they can benefit too.“Looking to the future and Industry 4.0 will no doubt disrupt many existing business models and organisations, removing the need for many low-skilled roles. DataU graduates bring with them not only new skills but also new ways of working, thinking and adapting,” Arshad said.

“Their critical analysis, problem and opportunity assessment and deeply-ingrained culture of learning and rapid development will have a profound impact on their organisation’s competitiveness, profitability and workforce retention in the years to come,” she added.

DataU Academy is the educational arm of analytics company Mekong Big Data, Cambodia. More information on the programme can be found at www.mydatau.org

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