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Kandal protests staged over unpaid out-of-work allowances

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The Ministry of Labour yesterday announced the transfer of the third round of out-of-work allowances to a further 165 enterprises in the garment and hospitality sectors.


The ministry listed the company names in the announcement, which will see payment transfer via Wing to around 49,960 suspended or unemployed workers adversely affected by COVID-19.

However, 700 workers of TY Fashion Cambodia in Kandal province’s Ponhea Leu district on Tuesday protested over the company and the government still neglecting to pay their allowances.

TY Fashion employee, Srey Pov, said that although the company suspended workers two months ago, they have only received $30 from the company so far.

“After two months of suspension, the company and government have still not paid our out-of-work allowance,” she said.

Ms Pov said that the workers are still owed their full allowance from the company and the government, which they need to support their daily living.

She added that during the initial protests, workers blocked the road in front of the company, but agreed to reopen it after local authorities came down to intervene.

Thea Ry, also a TY Fashion employee, said that workers want to know whether the company will continue to operate or not, suggesting that they let the workers know so they are better informed of their futures.

“Some employees have worked there for 10 years. If the company shuts down, the company must pay our seniority indemnity and severance pay,” she said.

The district governor of Ponhea Leu district, Thon Sovanna, said the authorities are trying to find a solution with the company representative.

He also called on the workers to not block the road or protest on the streets as it affects public order.

“We suggest employees call their representatives to negotiate a meeting with the company in order to find a solution,” he said.

On Monday, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that 256 garment, footwear and travel goods factories in Cambodia have suspended their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting more than 130,000 workers.

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