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Less than half of workers affected factory suspension received wages

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
A total 44 factories in Kandal province have now been suspended. KT/ Chor Sokuntea

Kandal provincial governor, Kong Sophorn, said at a press conference at the Council of Ministers today, that of the 164 factories located in the province, 44 have now suspended operations, affecting around 18,991 garment workers.

However, he said that so far, workers from only 14 of the 44 factories affected are receiving government subsidy support.

He said that a single worker in the garment sector earns up to $245 per month when in full time employment. Therefore, with the total workforce in the province numbering around 150,000, it is estimated that workers collectively earn over $35million per month from the sector.

“The workers who are still employed within the garment sector in the province are happy. They can support their families and livelihoods.

However, 44 factories have been affected by COVID-19 and are currently in suspension,” he said.

“So far only 14 factories have organised and registered to receive their government subsidy allowance from the government,” he said.

Workers Friendship Union Federation President Sieng Sambath said that the effect of COVID-19 on the garment industry in Kandal province and Phnom Penh has created uncertainty for sector workers.

“Until now, the situation has been varied. Some have received suspension supplements from companies and the government and some have not. There is also a grey area between whether factories are suspended or shutdown permanently,” he said.

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