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Domesticated elephant dies in sanctuary in Ratanakiri province

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
The elephant Bak Maï at the Airavata Elephant Foundation. Airavata Elephant Foundation

Bak Maï, a 32 year-old male domesticated elephant in Ratanakiri province, died on Thursday due to severe diarrhoea, said Airavata Elephant Foundation, the guardians of the elephant sanctuary, in a statement.

An autopsy will be conducted by Airavata Elephant Foundation and local authorities to determine the cause of death since it happened very suddenly.

“On Thursday morning Bak Maï had unusual diarrhoea. He collapsed and could not get up,” the statement said.

The association officials requested the veterinary clinic AgroVet to provide medical care for Bak Maï. Despite the treatment, Bak Maï didn’t recover and died on Thursday night.

“In the meantime, the association is working with local authorities and relevant experts to determine the cause behind the sudden death of Bak Maï,” said the statement adding that Bak Maï will be greatly missed by everyone at the sanctuary. His loss is likened to losing a natural treasure.

The elephant Bak Maï at the Airavata Elephant Foundation. Photo/ Airavata Elephant Foundation

Bak Maï was the latest elephant rescued and rehabilitated at Airavata Elephant Foundation. He was known as Mondolkiri’s ‘killer elephant’. The other sanctuaries didn’t want him and he was condemned to ‘death by starving’ for having killed a man.

However, since day one when he arrived at the Airavata sanctuary, Bak Maï integrated very well with his fellow creatures and his manhouts.

In Ratanakiri province, there are only four domesticated elephants living under the care of Airavata Elephant Foundation with support given by the Ministry of Environment and other national institutions. Among the four elephants, Bak Maï was the youngest male with two others also male and one female.

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