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National post company presses pause on international deliveries amid pandemic

Chea Vannak / Khmer Times Share:
Cambodia Post suspends its delivery service. KT/Pann Rachana

State-owned Cambodia Post has announced its international delivery service will be temporarily suspended because of logistical issues caused by the virus.

The information was posted on the company’s Facebook page on April 18.

“Cambodia Post has the honour to inform our dear customers that all consignments are not permitted to be sent or forwarded to any country due to the respiratory disease (COVID-19)”, the statement read.

Ork Bora, the director-general of the postal company, explained the decision was made because of the cancellation of many flights globally. It was also influenced by the fact that some carriers may still have flight schedules but have suspended the transportation of mail.

“For the sending out of consignments, we depend on airlines but now those airlines have shut down their air service due to COVID-19. So we have to pause all outgoing consignments,” Ork said.

Deliveries to countries including China, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and several European countries will be affected.

However, Cambodia Post reassured customers it will be business as usual in terms of delivering packages and mail sent from abroad.

“We are still operating our consignment service, because express companies have their own way to send to Cambodia, so we can operate and distribute those consignments locally as normal,” Ork explained.

Ork was referring to private express delivery companies, such as DHL, who have their own cargo aircrafts and are therefore not affected by flight cancellations and suspensions.

Cambodia Post earned revenues of $11 million in 2019. This represents a drop on the $13.81 million revenue total in 2018.

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