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Stand in solidarity and care for each other to battle COVID-19

H.E. Wang Wentian / Share:
H.E. Wang Wentian, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Kingdom of Cambodia. KT/Khem Sovannara

Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of China’s Communist Party with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, China has carried out the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough prevention and control measures. The 1.4 billion Chinese people have united as one to fight against the epidemic, and has effectively alleviated the situation with production and life gradually coming back to normal in the country. The lockdown of Wuhan City was officially lifted from 00:00, 8, April, marking a phased victory of China’s battle against the epidemic.

While working on the national prevention and control, China is also playing a key role in international cooperation in fighting the epidemic and practicing the international responsibility. China has donated 20 million dollars to the WHO, held video conferences of medical experts with over 100 countries and international organisations, offered such materials as masks, protective clothing, nucleic acid test reagents and ventilators to 120 countries and 4 international organisations, and sent medical expert teams to Iran, Iraq, Italy, Serbia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Laos, etc. In Cambodia, the Chinese medical team has, since its arrival in Phnom Penh on Mar. 23, shared prevention and control experience with Cambodia, helped Cambodia to improve the prevention and control system, and provided medical advice for local patients, playing an active role in Cambodia’s prevention and control work. China and Cambodia’s hand-in-hand battle against COVID-19 vividly reflected the core essence of the community of shared future between the two countries, writing a new chapter in the China-Cambodia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

The virus knows no borders, neither does it differentiate any nation. Only by solidarity and cooperation can the international community defeat the epidemic and safeguard the common home of mankind. Faced with such a severe epidemic, however, some out of ulterior motives are vigorously promoting the expression of “Chinese virus”, claiming that the coronavirus is a biochemical weapon intentionally created and spread by the Chinese government and that China is a common enemy of the whole world. These absurd remarks are full of prejudice and discrimination, completely ignoring the WHO’s authoritative judgement of the coronavirus or the great contribution of China in the international battle against the epidemic. As a matter of fact, since the very beginning of the outbreak, China, with the attitude of openness, transparency and responsibility, has been publishing relevant information in a timely manner, sharing prevention, control and treatment experience with the international community including the WHO without reservation, and enhancing scientific and research cooperation with parties concerned. We have regularly submitted information on the epidemic to the WHO as well as relevant international and regional organisations, shared the genomic sequence of the coronavirus with the international community, invited the WHO experts to field studies in Wuhan… In the face of the epidemic as a global challenge, China’s responsible role is beyond question. A lie repeated one thousand times is still a lie. Rumors fabricated out of thin air is bound to be opposed and condemned by the whole international community.

Now the world is still overshadowed by the epidemic, with the number of infection cases on the increase in many countries. While maintaining rigorous national prevention and control measures, China would like to provide more support to the international community and to contribute strength to the global battle against the epidemic. It is my firm belief that, as long as we stand in solidarity and care for each other in this time of serious difficulty, we will defeat the epidemic and embrace a brighter future for all mankind.


H.E. Wang Wentian, Ambassador of the People’s  Republic of China to the Kingdom of Cambodia

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