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Mindfulness at the workplace

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The speaker Mr Chhunny Noem (center) and the participants take a group photo as they celebrate the success of the workshop. Supplied

In conjunction with the “Auspicious Saturday morning” event at Factory Phnom Penh, skill-sessions by Workspace1 brought a grand aspiration workshop “Mindfulness at the Workplace.”

It aims to help people improve their productivity, practice mindfulness at the workplace and achieve work-life balance.

The lively event had the distinguished and vibrant speaker Chhunny Noem, founder of VIPASSA Meditation, and the author of the best-selling book “Meditation for Life Power.”

Hosting many participants, the highlight of the workshop focused on the importance of practising mindfulness at work to sustain mental and physical health. It also highlights the importance of resilience and relationships at work and at home.

For Chhunny, being mindful means being self-aware and being able to observe yourself through a learned ability. This is achieved by practising to focus on yourself and how you form your actions, thoughts and emotions.

“As much as we care about our physical conditions, we should also look after our mental state by sparing only 3 to 5 minutes a day to practice mindfulness at work by focusing on self-awareness,” he added.

Practising mindfulness and self-consciousness will lead you to have a balance in life. The way you monitor your emotions and thoughts from moment to moment will also allow you to understand yourself better, as well as teaching yourself to be more resilient

Therefore, Chhunny who was once a monk for 16 years, revealed that the secret to happiness is being mindful of every process of your actions and emotions.

He said, “For instance, if you are writing, sitting, or thinking, you should be aware that at the present you are in the process of writing, sitting or thinking about your project. Being mindful and self-aware means that you are capable of controlling yourself and proactively learn to manage your thoughts to concentrate on the specific action you do.”

On top of that, Chhunny also suggested a simple routine for practising your mindful way of thinking that most peoples can do is to begin your day with breathing meditation for 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow you to alter your own self.

Following breath meditation for only 5 minutes will allow yourself to reflect and be grateful for your own existence. As you learn to start the day with positivity and people will learn to live more with happiness.

Then, the last step is to power your physical body by participating in quick forms of exercise.

Aside from this, to become more self-aware throughout your life, you can also keep a routine of keeping a journal, performing a daily self-reflection and practising more meditation.

“These habits will motivate you as well as let you manage your stress better. It will also help you with your intuitive decision making, and help you perform work more effectively and productively,” he shared.

Chhunny also included in his last message that, “Whatever we do in life, we have to understand the true meaning of life as well as allowing yourself to enjoy the process of your journey. If you neglect to enjoy the little things that life has given to you, no matter where you go, you still won’t be able to enjoy your life to its fullness.”

You have to be aware of what you are doing in the workplace. You also have to be mindfully responsible and prioritise your tasks.

When you begin to be more aware of your actions and emotions, you will be able to objectively manage your behaviour and create a good emotional response to any issue that occurs.

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