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City Hall announces open bidding for capital waste management

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Cintri workers collect rubbish before the company lost its licence. KT/Chor Sokunthea

City Hall has announced the beginning of an open tender process for companies interested in addressing Phnom Penh’s waste problems after Cintri, a company that held a rubbish collection monopoly in the capital for about two decades, lost its license in December for failing to meet its obligations.

It said in a statement issued on Tuesday it is inviting companies to participate in its prequalification stage for the tender, a stage that will run until March 31.

“It is expected that bid invitations will be issued in late April to applicants who have met all requirements specified in the prequalification document,” City Hall said.

According to local media, City Hall is managing rubbish collection in Phnom Penh until new contractors can take over the responsibility.

City Hall on February 8 handed 40 vehicles over to six districts in Phnom Penh to help rubbish collection until the tender process is complete.

Prime Minister Hun Sen in October said the government will eventually divide the city into collection zones, assigning one waste collection company to each. He added companies will be chosen through the public bidding process, noting that it has to be transparent. He also said Cintri is welcome to apply.

According to the City Hall statement, the administration is seeking national and international companies who are experienced in rubbish collection and have enough financial support to transport solid waste.

It said the city will be divided into three zones and contracts will be respectively awarded to companies.

The procurement process will follow two qualifying rounds for bidders, City Hall said, adding three contracts will be awarded at the end of the process.

Met Measpheakdey, a spokesman for City Hall, declined to comment yesterday.

However, earlier this week during a press conference he said: “City Hall has issued [invitations] to prospective companies who wish to join the bidding process.”

Japanese Ambassador Mikami Masahiro during a meeting with Mr Hun Sen announced one company from his country will take part in the rubbish collection open tender.

Environment Ministry spokesman Neth Pheaktra yesterday said the ministry expects many companies will compete to collect rubbish in Phnom Penh.

He said Phnom Penh produces 3,000 tonnes of rubbish per day, consisting of 65 percent organic waste and the rest is plastic and solid waste.

“Phnom Penh is looking for highly capable and responsible qualified companies to make the city clean and comfortable for people,” Mr Pheaktra said, noting Cintri’s licence was revoked because the government is looking to solve the capital’s waste management problems.

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