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Inspiration Library – Opening

Feb 15 @ Factory Phnom Penh
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/163057075122746/?active_tab=about
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We believe we are a product of our experiences– the best ideas come from the most random of places and we want books that allow people to see ideas they’ve never been exposed to. Inspiration Library aims to provide a space for young Khmers to discover the craziness and beauty of the world through books and find inspiration for that next “big idea”.

Workshop on Stress Management

Feb 23 @ TPO Cambodia
Contact: 095 666 826
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The half-day workshop on “Stress Management” organised by the Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation (TPO) will be hosted on Sunday, 23rd of February from 8:30 am to 11:30 am at the TPO office. Young people are encouraged to take part in a topic that will be more relevant to Cambodian youth on how to figure out their stress.

Raising the Voice of Grassroots Leaders

Feb 15 @ Factory Phnom Penh
Visit: http://bit.ly/GrassrootWomenLeaders
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The public is invited to the event “Raising the Voices of Grassroots Women Leaders” which is a platform of inspiration, learning, and recognising the achievement of grassroots women across Cambodia. Participants will meet and learn about inspirational stories and leadership experience of more than ten grassroots women leaders, including Catherine Harry, will be available for discussion.

How to do academic research on the internet?

Feb 16 @ Stanford American School, SAS TK branch
Contact: 077 725 406 /092 23 17 61
Ticket: $2/Person

The sharing session focused on “How to do academic research on the internet?” Will give good tips to audiences that seek an accurate and reliable source on the internet for their assignment or report and how to use the online research tools for their studies efficiently and effectively. Ticket sales will be contributed to community projects to help the underserved population in 2020 through Project Inspire events and activities.

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