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Ith Samheng reminds officials to keep abreast of labour market trends

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Labour Minister Ith Samheng attends the meeting. MoL

Labour Minister Ith Samheng yesterday reminded his officials to continually monitor changing global labour market trends in the wake of new challenges caused by economic factors, trade wars and the recent coronavirus outbreak.

His call was made during a meeting to update officials on the ministry’s strategies.

Mr Samheng said the officials should focus on finding ways to meet these new challenges to cushion the effect on the Kingdom’s labour force.

The minister also ordered officials to pay more attention to addressing problems faced by workers, including wage disputes.

“I suggest that the General Department of Labour’s main priority is to go to ground and check on the payment of seniority wages and benefits at all factories across the Kingdom,” Mr Samheng said. “I also instructed the Committee for the Settlement of Strikes and Demonstrations to strengthen the management of worker protests and monitor cases of employers fleeing without paying their workers.”

He said the committee, at all levels, should continue to speedily deal with protests by aggrieved workers to ensure they do not escalate into general industrial action which could affect security and social order.

“Relevant officials must resolve all cases of protests and contain them at the factory level to prevent them from growing into large-scale strikes instigated by others,” Mr Samheng added.

He also said that the relevant officials must increase cooperation with trade unions, employers’ associations, NGOs, civil society organisations and others to build better relationships to manage, prevent and resolve protests.

Mr Samheng also said the Institute for Technical and Vocational Education should look at the availability of new professional resources training and examine the possibility of encouraging students to take up skills which can increase productivity.

He added that the National Employment Agency should study the labour market to find out what types of skills are needed to meet the Kingdom’s labour-force demands.


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