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The Fashion Edit: 5 ways to wear the bodysuit

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Bodysuits have been an iconic trend. They’ve evolved through the years and with the use of modern fabrics have become a staple for a millennial wardrobe. “It adds glamour along with a sense of functionality and one does not have to worry about things like shifting or the garment untucking itself when wearing a bodysuit with trousers or a skirt,” says fashion designer Shivan Bhatiya of Shivan & Narresh label. He also points out that bodysuits and maillots are very similar in terms of silhouette and there is not much difference between the two apart from the fact that maillots are meant for a swim while bodysuits can we worn as an everyday wear resort option.

“What makes a body suit different from a maillot is a closure at the crotch, which makes it easier to use washroom through the day!” he explains.

Here’s how you can wear and pair them with all kinds of outfits.

Bodysuit + skirt : Skirt it down

On the art of teaming bodysuits with sexy skirts

By Nida Mahmood, fashion designer

Teaming bodysuits with skirts is a very popular trend       these days, especially with young adults. But in putting       this look together it is equally important to choose the       correct combination of bodysuit and skirt. For instance,       a simple bodysuit goes best with flattered skirts.

This look is best suited for women who are either       petite or small-sized.

For the bodysuit one should opt for breathable fabrics       like Lycra and spandex. Whereas, bottoms – in this       case the skirt – can be in a variety of materials ranging       from fabrics that are a blend of rayon and polyester to       more organic ones.

While most colours, ranging from neutrals to dull as       well as bright hues, work for light skin tones, dusky       skin is complemented by brighter colours as they help       enhance the features.

Accessorise with a nice neckpiece.

Bodysuit + jeans: Jam it up in Jeans

How to wear bodysuits with jeans

By Rina Singh, fashion designer

Put this look together by pairing bodysuits with high-      waisted denims or high-waisted baggy trousers along       with an easy-fitted short jacket in either canvas, denim       or wool.

It works really well for younger girls and more lean       frames as high-waisted denims flatter lean frames too!       Slightly curvy women can layer it up by wearing a loose       jacket on top – either in denim or canvas or cotton       wool and pair it with woollen trousers. Avoid it if you       are not too toned.

The bodysuit works with Lycra as it has to be body-      hugging so it can take the shapes and curves of the       body really well. As for colours, avoid doing too many       contrasts. If you are in great shape you can go for       bright-hued bodysuits else stick to the classics and       avoid prints.

Keep the look causal, accentuate it with hoops and       keep the hair tied-up.

Bodysuit + shirt dress :Shirt it up

How to wear a bodysuit on a hot day out

By Nidhi Ahuja, fashion designer from the Pankaj & Nidhi duo

This look can be put together by simply throwing on a       long shirt or shirt dress over a bodysuit, and is ideal if       you want to step out in something relaxed yet chic       during daytime.

While a mid-thigh length shirt dress is best for women       wanting to flaunt their toned legs, those who are not       comfortable with short lengths can opt for knee-length       numbers.

Fine cottons and linen blends are ideal and comfor      table during summertime.

Have fun with contrasting the colours of the body suit       against the shirt. A white bodysuit would offset pastels       really well. You can also pair a printed body suit with a       solid colour shirt dress.

Accessorise with a pair of statement earrings.

Bodysuits + dresses: Dress it up

Tips and tricks behind treating a body suit like upperwear

By Rishi Raj, celebrity stylist

A bodysuit that is layered works like a well-fitted top.       So, you can actually team it up with anything       and treat it like and upperwear. Also, necklines       need to be focused on when layering a bodysuit       with a dress. Try and match necklines that       create a pleasant visual when put together as       mismatched necklines can end up making you       look heavier than you are.

This look flatters an hour-glass frame and,       anybody who wants to create a cinched-in waist       or create more volume or focus on their hips       and/or shoulders can sport this look.

While layering, ensure the inner and outer       fabrics don’t fight for space and end up creating       unnecessary bulk. So, while your bodysuit can       be in breathable Lycra, it should fit in seamlessly       under the dress, which could really be in any

Accessorise with statement footwear and a pair of       earrings at the most, and you’re ready to party!

Bodysuit + shorts :Short it down

How to pair a bodysuit with shorts

By Shivan Bhatiya, fashion designer from the duo Shivan & Narresh

Put this look together by wearing an interlaced maillot       as a bodysuit with either printed swim shorts or mini       shorts.

It works well for an hour-glass, pear- or even a banana-      shaped body type.

When pairing a bodysuit with shorts, you could go for       print on print or colour blocking. If the setting is more       casual, opt for mini shorts but for a formal occasion       wear Jamaican shorts or culottes, which are compara-      tively longer and add a more formal touch.

When investing in bodysuits, focus on fabrics that are       more functional and easy to move around in like Italian       jersey, cotton Lycra or ribbed knit. Where shorts are       concerned, denims or cottons work best.

Accessorise with either a statement bag or a pair of                 earrings.  HINDUSTAN TIMES

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