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Three trafficked teens rescued at Thai border

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human trafficking
The reunited teens with their respective family members. CNE

Three teenage girls who were trafficked to Thailand were fortunate to be rescued by police in Pailin over the weekend.

Quick intervention by local police responded before they could go any further and they were sent back home to their families.

Two of three were 18 year-olds were from Kompong Trach, Kampot province and another was a mere 14 from Kamrieng District, Battambang Province.

Chan Thavy, director of Pailin’s department of women’s affairs, said that the three girls were lured by the traffickers to their boss in Thailand through the Kamrieng district gate and were rescued by Kamrieng district authorities.

The district authorities then transferred the victims to a family center in Pailin temporarily before their parents are expected to bring them home.

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