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Coronavirus fears mount in Cambodia as incoming arrivals drop

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Passengers from Macao who arrived at Sihanoukville airport at about 8pm last night on board a Lanmei flight. Supplied

The general masses in Cambodia, although going about their businesses as normal, are increasingly concerned about the spread of the coronavirus after the first infected person was revealed on Monday.

A random check with arriving passengers at two international airports revealed that the screening was weak. They fear that there could be contagions in the air inside the plane they were in when arriving at the two airports as they said they heard patients coughing and having running noses or continuously sneezing.

“When we landed and walked through to the immigration counters, there was a monitor and a health official sitting there but the passenger movements through the screening point was rapid and it is unlikely that they could have detected any passenger with high temperatures.

“From where  I was sitting, I could see a couple of passengers popping pills about 30 minutes before the plane was about to land. These are not good signs,” the passenger who landed from Kuala Lumpur said.

Airport sources said that the number of arrivals have dropped day by day and arrivals from China has dropped significantly. With the cancellation of all flights of Wuhan, the airport sources said that there could be a hit on the economy, especially the hospitality industry and the travel industry, especially inbound tours.

At Sihanoukville, one charter flight from Philippines did not arrive as it was cancelled and the cancellation was attributed to passengers not wanting to make the flight, sources from the Philippines said as they viewed this port city as the epicenter of the coronavirus in Cambodia.

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