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Himoutou! Umaru-chan: A light-hearted show for the perfect weekend

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Umaro in her “perfect” form during her school hours. Netflix

Looking for a light-hearted series to binge-watch this weekend? In order to change things up a little, Reel Talk this week has decided to review an anime series instead and it’s none other than Himoutou! Umaru-chan.

You would have probably seen loads of memes of a young animated girl wrapped up in an orange bear blanket portraying somewhat of a lazy individual who spends her day just rolling around the house munching on whatever she can get her hands on.

That’s pretty much what this show is about.

Umaru is a high school teen with a perfect track record in both sports and academia however this personality doesn’t really stay on after school hours.

Only known by her brother and his work colleagues, Bomba and Alex, Umaru turns into a couch potato who plays video games past midnight. This serves as a common humour reel throughout every episode serving the show’s light-hearted purpose.

The manga-adaptation is now available on Netflix. Seven Seas Entertainment

The show also explores relationships between Umaru and her friends who seem to adore her for fine personality while initially completely oblivious to her other side that takes on after school hours.

In one instance, Sylphynn, a classmate of Umaru starts to get closer to an individual called UMK who unbeknown to her is actually Umaru herself.

Umaru who realises this lets it go on for some time without letting Sylphynn know that UMK is indeed Umaru. This sort of mischief is present throughout the show and it easily humours viewers.

It makes sense for the male characters to remain as flat characters since the series focuses on the cute anime girls. The females dominate the show with their overreactions and idiosyncrasies, which isn’t a bad thing as it makes for an amusing title to watch.

Her mischievous side comes out in the series as Chibi Umaru. Netflix

Another part of the show that adds to the fun of the humour is the level of coincidences that take place in this anime.

While the girls study in the same school, somehow almost all their brothers work together and while this is not visible in the first few episodes, except for hints that are recognised by Umaru, the coincidences keep increasing throughout the show.

Additionally, the show’s take on a bright colour palette might be even more attractive to viewers as there is not a dull moment in Himoutou! Umaru-chan.

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