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Unexplained fainting spells of garment workers in Takeo yesterday morning

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Workers help load colleages into a truck. Fresh News

A government official in Takeo province yesterday reported dozens of garment factory workers fainting in their workplace in the morning.


Phoun Chhim, Bati district governor, said 41 workers from Vonammy Cambodia Garment fainted at 8am and the authorities are baffled at what precipitated the incident.

“They were immediately sent to hospital – we do not yet know what caused it,” Mr Chhim said, adding most of them were female.

Vonammy Cambodia Garment has more than 300 workers producing children’s clothes.

Pav Sina, president of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, said yesterday, the fainting incident could have occurred due to poor working conditions.

“When the workers began losing consciousness, their colleagues transported them[to hospital] on motorbikes and cars,” he said. “No ambulances were used.”

“[If the factory] was equiped with emergency medical equipment and transportation , it would have helped the workers be treated immediately,” Mr Sina added.

Last week the National Social Security Fund reported a 60 percent decrease in fainting cases in 2019 compared to 17 cases in 2018.

NSSF said last year 831 workers fainted in 11 factories across the Kingdom.

It said 37 percent of cases stemmed from psychological issues, 19 from physical health problems, 19 from chemical fumes, 7 from mechanical problems and 4 from exhaustion.

Last week, NSSF director Ouk Samvithya said the decrease was attributed to preventive measures through education and his organisation will continue to protect garment factory workers.

The NSSF said its officials visited 34 factories to educate more than 2,600 garment workers about sanitation, workplace safety, labour conditions and social security benefits.

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