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More than 40 garment workers faint

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Workers have taken to health centre for treatment after fainting. Fresh News

More than 40 garment workers at the Vonammy factory in Takeo province’s Bati district fainted this morning while working.

Bati district governor Phoun Chhim today said that 41 workers fainted while working in the factory and that its cause has not yet been known.

“They were sent to the hospital right away. We do not know the cause. Now we are asking workers and the company to find out its cause,” Mr Chhim said.

According to report of National Social Security Fund last week, thirteen cases of fainting among garment workers occurred in factories last year, a decrease of more than 60 percent compared with 17 cases in 2018.

NSSF said that fainting occurred in 11 factories across the Kingdom in 2019 in which 831 workers fainted.

It also said that 37 percent of fainting cases stemmed from psychosocial issues, 19 percent from physical problems, 19 percent from chemical fumes, seven percent from mechanical problems and four percent from overtime work.

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