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Authentic American fare at Azure

Lim Sonalis / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Wake Up Wagyu Burger ($9.95) is the most popular option at Azure. GT2/Lim Sonalis

Along Street 123 in the Toul Toum Poung area, there are tons of Western-inspired restaurants and bars for foodies to pick from. One particular eye catcher, thanks to its monochromatic decor is Azure Bar & Grill.

Known for its authentic American food, this dining space has wooed customers not just with its selection of cuisine but also with its modern take on interior decorations.

Azure opened in April 2018 and headed by an experienced American chef with over six years of culinary experience, previously based in Hawaii.

Azure’s signature Pesto Tagliatelle. GT2/Lim Sonalis

“We came here to serve authentic American food made with high quality ingredients. We try to do everything in-house to ensure top-notch quality at considerable prices,” said Brian Smith, manager of Azure.

There are wide ranges of food and beverages options available for customers, most of which cost under $10 – making it perfect for those who are on a budget. While Azure appears to be targeting Western customers, Brian said most of its best customers have been locals.

Diplomat’s Mai Tai is for those who prefer stronger liquer taste. GT2/Lim Sonalis

“Our Khmer tables are the best tables and followed by the Japanese, Korean and Chinese,” Brian added.

During the day, Azure offers a light menu such as burgers, salad or sandwiches and in the evening, customers will be able to indulge on other gastronomical delights such as steak imported from Australia and the United States.

Meanwhile, dishes such as the American barbecue ribs come with a sweet and spicy sauce that was especially prepared to suit Khmer diners.

The most popular burger on the menu is the Wagyu Burger. With a perfectly fried egg placed on top of a juicy meat patty, this dish is definitely created to make mouths water.

Mia Noi offers a harmonious blend of sweet and sour taste. GT2/ Lim Sonalis

Moreover, within the first bite, you will get to taste the flavourful bursts of fried ham, bacon and roasted garlic aioli, which make up the true components of a good burger. It comes as a set with French fries on the side, making it a perfect meal for the day.

If you are not a burger person, be sure to try the Pesto Tagliatelle. The pasta is complemented with cherry tomatoes, garden vegetables and homemade basil pesto. By the time you take your second bite, you will get a mouthful of authentic pesto.

After a long day at work, why not meet some friends at Azure and enjoy the cocktails menu?

Customers are known to spend their time at Azure not just only for the delicious food or the selection of tasty drinks, but for the ambiance as well. The open layout of the bar especially keeps things interesting.

If you are looking for a summer vibe cocktail, we recommend getting the Mia Noi, a signature which continues to be an all-time favourite.

Brian Smith, manager of Azure, preparing a cocktail for his customers. GT2/Lim Sonalis

The drink is decorated with half of a passion fruit placed on the edge so you can get a whiff of the citrusy goodness as you take a sip. Presenting a harmonious blend of sweet and sour taste, this cocktail makes for a perfect companion to a daytime meal.

The drink is made with the mixture of sweet vanilla, together with a tart passion fruit and rounded out with Prosecco and a blend of Tomoka Orange Bitters.

Largely different from the Mia Noi, the Diplomat’s Mai Tai leans towards stronger alcohol mixture. Best for a night out with friends, the drink has a strong alcohol taste which is cleverly masked with sour overtones.

Azure has always been adapting to the social trends. For instance, Azure is doing a Burger Day every Monday where you can get one of the three homemade burgers at a lower price.

“Starting from this week, there will be a happy hour for customers who want to spend their time after work from 4pm-7pm. The drinks will be half price everyday but Sunday,” Brian added.

More than that, during special occasions, the bar will invite local DJs to play music to keep diners entertained.

Azure also welcomes customers who want to host their own events such as wedding receptions or birthday parties, as the wide space in Azure is able to accommodate up to 100 people.

If you are craving for authentic American food, with a wide range of beverages and a cool space for gatherings, Azure is definitely the place to be.

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