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Police sports unit head donates $4k worth of hapkido equipment

Lt Gen Chea Bunheng (top, second from right) with hapkido players and officials of Cambodian Hapkido Federation. KT/Yeun Punleau

Lieutenant-General Chea Bunheng, the president of the Sports Unit for the National Police, has donated a training mat and associated equipment worth $4,000 to the Cambodian Hapkido Federation (CHF).

The donation was received last week by CHF officials led by Secretary-General Kong Chantina.

Bungheng said the donation will go a long way to help develop and promote the sport in Cambodia.

Hapkido is a Korean martial art in which traditional weapons such as a sword, knife and rope are used alongside various fighting techniques (joint locks, grappling, throwing, kicks and punches). This sport, which is mostly associated with self-defence, came about shortly after World War Two.

“I love combat sports such as hapkido,” the police general stressed.

The police official said that he sees Cambodia’s potential in the sport and wants to contribute more to its development here.

Cambodia has performed well in international hapkido competitions. Three years ago, the Kingdom won 10 medals at the 10th World Hapkido-Hankido Championships in Korea. More than 30 countries from all over the world were represented in that tournament.

There are also a growing number of Cambodians who are into hapkido, which has similarities to Bokator, the traditional Cambodian martial art.

Bunheng said the equipment will be helpful for training in hapkido and other combat sports.

The equipment donated by Bunheng came from Korea. “This is similar to the one in use in the Southeast Asian Games,” he noted.

Chantina, for his part, thanked Bunheng for his support for CHF and for the development of hapkido in Cambodia. He noted that support from the police was instrumental in them having a good office and equipment.

Chantina said they were having a hard time looking for sponsors to fund the purchase of such expensive equipment. Luckily for them, according to him, Bunheng came along to offer his support.

Bunheng, who is active in sports, is also the first vice-president of the Cambodia Soft Tennis Federation.

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