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Malis: Salon booking made easy

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Dear ladies, if you constantly spend too much time waiting for your turn to get your makeup done, fret no more! With the new wave of technology, almost everything can be done within the single click of a button.

Introducing Malis! A mobile application made by a group of young Cambodians to ensure salon-goers would not have to spend a second extra getting their beauty on this means no more long queues for you girlies.

Here are the reasons we think this app is worth installing:

Lovely design

They say first impressions matter most and the designer of this app has definitely put that into consideration, as evident in its sleek interface which gives off a cool vibe. If you haven’t seen this app yet, you would probably have guessed that its main choice of colour would be pink – a colour traditionally associated with the ladies. However, instead of “genderising” with colour, the team at Malis has decided to opt for a trendy tone called Starfish Orange. Aside from just the aesthetics, the app is also simple to navigate. You can easily find the list of nearby salons upon opening the app. Finding your next beauty appointment is now just a scroll away.

Good price range

Now, you will no longer have to worry about how much your makeup service or hairdo is going to cost, because Malis will tell you upfront. Each salon will have a full list of services available alongside the listed prices.

For example, when you select “Putin Salon”, their price list will pop up immediately. With this feature you can now compare prices from your favourite salons and get the most out of your spending.

Highly secured

This app does not require an account therefore your details are not stored online. As opposed to some apps that demand your personal information such as credit card details, Malis does not put your security at risk, they keep features simple yet functional.

To make a booking all you need to do is enter your name, mobile number, booking time and the services you need. Easy, peasy!

Photos and reviews

When it comes to beauty, you always want to make sure that the makeup artists and hair stylists are reliable and highly experienced in their respective field. No one wants to walk into a salon only to come out looking like a hot mess. That’s why Malis allows you to scroll through previous works done by the salon, as they are required to post pictures of their “craftsmanship” on the app. Allowing you to use the app as you would a catalogue. If there are any previous styles that you want for yourself, make a booking and it will be done.

With its simple to use functions, it makes the booking process even more convenient for first-time users and it is only going to get better! Aside from a selection of salons, the Malis team also plans to expand its list of makeup providers by including freelancers in the future. So stay tuned for more fabulous updates.

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