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Creme de la crème at only

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Life in the city is filled with excitements and perks but it also literally comes at a cost. For instance, we may need to spend an average of $3 just to have a decent meal. While the number seems small, a whole month’s expense on dining alone could burn a hole in our pockets.

Therefore, Good Times2 have set out across the city to find you the cheapest yet delicious fare which costs no more than $1 each. Is it possible? Sonalis Lim said yes. Read further to discover five dishes that you can get in Phnom Penh for just $1 each.

Crab Soup

If you are familiar with Taun Hua Chinese School, perhaps you have heard about the shops in the area which are famous for their cheap and yummy crab soup. The school is basically surrounded by small food stalls bearing the logo of a crab – that is where you can find this crab soup for only $0.75 per pack. Not only you can savour warm, thick and creamy delight at a low price, you will also get the nutritional benefits that come with the crab meat. The soup is typically cooked with a variety of vegetables, eggs and other ingredients which make it a wholesome and delicious meal.

Location: Near Taun Hua Chinese School

Nom Pang Neak Pon

If you are If you’re a fan of meat and bread, this would be a good choice to spend your $1 on. This restaurant has made its way to remain popular for such a long time due to its flavourful yet affordable sandwich. For a single order, you will get half of a bread with a spread of deli meat, butter, vegetables and Chinese meatballs. To meet the customers’ needs, there are also more meat selections and side dishes such as pork brain soup for a different price. This restaurant is located in the area between Central Market and Wat Koh High School.

Location: No. 13B, Wat Koh (St. 81) – Chinese School

Wat Toul Tom Poung’s noodle soup

Not everyone knows about this legendary noodle soup which costs 3,500 Riel and that is one of its many charms. Hiding behind the Toul Tom Poung pagoda walls, you will find a noodle place located in a small market which mainly caters to the local students. Surprisingly, customers are always willing to queue up for as long as one hour just to have this noodle soup every morning. Served in a big bowl, you will have the noodle soup alongside five meatballs and two pieces of pork blood sausages. You can always add more side dishes if you want. You can play around with the level of spiciness or flavor with the extra condiments provided on the table.


Location: Inside Toul Tom Poung Pagoda

Nom Roti

Almost on every main road, you can find food vendors hauling their carts across the city. While the food options are varied, the most common one that you can find is roti – a kind of flatbread inspired by the staple food of India. Each roti only costs between 2,500 to 3,500 Riel according to your selection of fillings. You’ll have the option of having savoury or sweet rotis with the options of eggs, chocolate, banana and many others. These days, vendors are getting more creative by providing options such as yellow corn or canned fish.

Location: On the side road of Norodom High School

Shaved Ice

Thanks to its location on the Equator, Cambodia has a warm climate almost all-year-round. You may start to sweat after just taking a step away from the fan or the air conditioner. Have you ever craved something sweet and cold to at least cool down the temperature within your body? If yes, this under $1 snack is perfect for you. Shaved ice is a popular snack for Cambodians. Unlike others, Cambodian-style shaved ice is unique in the sense that you are free to choose between two to three of your favourite toppings. There is a wide range of selections for your dessert such as coconut jelly, red beans, honeydew and more. As shown in the picture, your toppings will marry with the sweet green and red syrup harmoniously in a cup. Lastly, the vendor will top everything off with brown sugar and coconut meat to make the perfect cup of shaved ice. Just take a bite, we guarantee you’ll finish the whole cup within seconds.


Location: Behind Norodom High School


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